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A hilarious game.

Augilicious | Aug. 26, 2013 | Review of saints row iv Post - PC

This is one of those games you'll probably either love or hate. This is Saints Row the Third, with over the top humor jacked up to ungodly levels. A story built around mocking various movies and games. Gameplay is much like the Third but with powers. This adds a new degree of fun that, without it, would have been a bit stale. Customization has also been improved. However, owners of all the Third's DLC will notice most of the "new" content is basically recycled stuff. Still, a person can have fun with driving around, destroying stuff, and finding collectibles. Graphics for the game hasn't changed. It is visually dated for sure. The audio is also very good, especially the quality of the voice acting. If you loved Saints Row 3, then you'll enjoy Saints Row 4. If you hadn't tried Saints Row 3 but love humor, goofy gameplay, and not concerned with any serious gaming or sense of reality, then this is still the game for you.


Nearly half what it could have been.

Augilicious | Aug. 26, 2013 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified NA - PC

A game said to be like the X-files but with more action. Where you take the role of an operative, with support, working to deal with alien threats and destroy any indication of their presence on Earth. This game was to be the XCOM tactical shooter that draws people into the series with fun game play and an interest story, unfortunately it doesn't quite deliver. I'll get to the story first. It has holes, lots of them. Some aspects are explained, some you can figure out with critical thinking. However, there's plenty that will leave you sitting there scratching your head. Being a hodgepodge of futuristic sci-fi tech with a 60's setting doesn't help things either. Otherwise the good aspects of the story isn't anything groundbreaking either. Now there's the gameplay itself. If you liked Mass Effect, but wanted a bit more control over companions, then this is probably the kind of game you'll like. It's easy to place your men and see how protective cover is for them, even in relation to enemy positioning. Generally fun, a person may (or may not, depending on their play style) spend more time commanding the companions than actually shooting at enemies. The only real complaint about gameplay is the controls, it will take time getting used to. The visuals and audio does the job. There's a few glitches with the sound but that will hopefully be patched. Graphics are decent enough but there will be the occasional fps stuttering. In the end, it might be better to just compare this to the last XCOM game, Enemy Unknown. A version of that game where many of the best aspects were stripped out, or just lessened, and turned into a tactical shooter. While not a bad game in itself, it doesn't live up to the hype built around it or the XCOM standard.