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Favorite RTS of all Time

Autre31415 | Jan. 4, 2014 | Review of Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion - PC

I remember how excited I was when this game came out, after enjoying the original and Trinity so much before it. This game takes the original formula and adds quite a bit more to it, most notably the titans and that's not a bad thing. This game has incredibly unique gameplay for it's genre, and I could most certainly say it's the first of its kind. I've always enjoyed strategy games but for me they always reached a point of pretentiousness for me where the winner is the first person to perform a per-determined set of actions and strategy seems nullified. I never get that feeling from this game, simply because of how long it can take to even find your enemies, so you're free to decide the strategy of your empire. As unforgiving as this game may be to mistakes at first, you'll come to realize they don't instantly lose you the game, it is possible to make epic comebacks here by just learning from your experiences. You can also play large teams and simulate gigantic space battles and though it may make even the best PCs cry it's always a wonderful experience. If you're a fan of RTS and want to try something new then get right on this one!