Reviews by Awensis


Fun game to play in a casual manner.

Awensis | June 11, 2014 | Review of Left 4 Dead Bundle - PC

This Arcade-esque game is really fun to play in a causal manner with Friends or by yourself (Mr.Lonely), the art style compliments the graphics of the game making it look fresh even with the the "next gen" movement happening (PS4, XboxOne, Overpowered Electricity Guzzling PC's or OEGPC for short). The game plays pretty much like a most fast paced first person shooters, however I did find myself enjoying the experience even though I find shooter such as this tiresome. This game does have a story line which is quite common to the zombie apocalypse genre these days. To be frank knowing or not knowing the story does not make a difference as the fun in this game comes from shooting hordes of zombies with friends, strangers and again on you're lonesome. This game does not offer a team PVP (I think, since I never came across it) as it mainly involves moving through hordes of zombies in a team of 4-5, covering each other backs. healing, gathering ammo, weapons...maybe if you feel lucky you can bludgeon a zombie etc... If you get bored of the "vanilla" multiplayer this game has tons of Mods to make it even more fun and a massive dedicated community that is friendly and helpful (although there always are some bad eggs). Being quite a nostalgic sentimentalist for arcade like shooters I believe that the game offers quite a good experience A causal time waste. the graphics are still "eye candy" and the re-play-ability of the game due to the Mod's on offer make it even more fun. Fulled by a dedicated following of fans meaning the multiplayer is never empty makes time fly by so I chose to give this game a rating of 80.


A little bit of the old and something new.

Awensis | June 1, 2014 | Review of Dark Void - PC

I must admit that when I first got this game I did not expect anything more or less than a third person cover shooter that will mindlessly help me waste some time when relaxing. However I was pleasantly surprised, not by the gameplay as it was just a generic cover shooter but by the implementation of the jet pack and climbing system. Essentially the game offers you the freedom to move around my scaling ledges with super powered jet pack jumps as well as letting you fly around on the aforementioned jet pack without limit. The one problem with the jet pack is that it does not offer much versatility and unless you boost it feels sluggish. also (It may be because I, personally am not good at the game) but aiming with the jet pack is hard because it has two controls (A and S to spin and the mouse to do basic turns). There are RPG elements to this game as it offers you upgrades which are acquired by killing enemies for currency. However the one sad thing may be that these upgrades are a little generic as they do not offer much of a visual change to your equipment. another downside is that there isn't much weapon choice (7 I think all together). The graphics for this game are slightly dated for a 2010 release but still offer a really nice aesthetic although the characters can look a bit weird at times. The level design is very good and offers a nice challenge as you can either use flight combat, Cover or just gung-ho it and hope for the best. The story line is very well written, scripted and the voice actors are decent. The story does get very convoluted and somewhat disappointing by the end making the ending seemed rushed (might be because of deadline or other factors) which can ruin the whole story (Yes story not Gameplay) experience as it is extremely anticlimactic. Finally, The game is is very fun and implements the jet pack mechanic very well adding a little extra sparkle to the game. the level designs are good and do offer a challenge however the story is a bit disappointing by the end. Still I feel that this game will offer a bit of nostalgia to some that play it (The Rocketteer, and such) especially me, so I chose to give this game a 60.