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Good anime

Azraeil | Feb. 10, 2014 | Review of The Last Remnant Overflow 1 - PC

The game it looks like a anime movie. It very simplistic, reminds me of the old 2d games but you can enjoy the story which is the reason i actually bought it. The story of the game is interesting, especially if you enjoy this kind of thinks, not to mention you can put to hear the Japanese language and have english sub making the game better The game play it different then any other game that i played but i can actually say that you need more a console then a keyboard, you will enjoy it more and it not that complicate.


A different game

Azraeil | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition (1) - PC

I started playing this game on a trial, since then i got hooked to it. What makes Guild wars 2 different then others games ,what the reason you want to play it and perhaps why you should actually buy it Let start with the good about the game : 1. The game doesn't have a subscription base, you buy it ones and you play forever. You may say but there are other games like this free to play. I will tell you the shop from those game make you abandon faster then you think. Guild wars 2 has a shop but it pure cosmetic, you don't need half of the item listed. In case you want to buy something you can convert the gold that you collect into gem, and gold is easy to be made. 2. Crafting system is different then other games, in here you need to discover recipe in order to level faster, not to mention you get xp from it which allows you to level. 3. Personal quest which are the most interesting part of the game, allow you to create your own hero and the decision that you made influence the game and brings you different quest,. 4. The quest from this game don't need for you to go to the npc and talk with it. If you are near the zone where the npc is, you automatically take the quest. If you finish it you don't need to speak with a npc, this allows you to not consume time. 5.Exploration brings you rewards, gear and not to mention you get xp from it. 6.Living story are events for 2 weeks where you will face different challenge from defeating a boss to find some objects. 7. Auction house on the game is server link, and you can sell anywhere you are, you don't need to visit a capital in order to sell your items. What is different from others is that you can post the item that you want , and in case a sellers agrees with your price you get your items 8, Banks have a special deposit for the crafting materials, you can send it directly from your inventory, without of need to visit it. 9, In case you are more PVP then PVE, the game has a special feature where you can join a battleground and be 80 directly with full pvp gear and skills. And so on.... The bad about the game : 1. After you are 80, you get bored fast especially after you get your exotic gear. 2. If you are not into PVP, and not good in instance, the only way for you to obtain gear is from champion runs. 3. Living story is bad if you miss it since you will not understand what will happen in the next patch or you will miss some great rewards. 4. 5 slots for characters is to limited especially since you have 8 classes and you can't play with all of them