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Back To Metro

Azrael360 | Aug. 2, 2014 | Review of Metro: Last Light Complete Edition

The sequel to Metro 2033, the game adaptation of the novel with the same name, Last Light continues the story of Artyom, the main character of the first game, after the events of the most common ending in that game (not going to reveal the details, to not spoil that). And just like in the first game, he willl meet new and interesting characters, and new foes.

As for the technical aspects, Last Light is just like Metro 2033, it looks really great but requires a powerful computer to watch it in full glory. I don't know if this was a port just like the first game, but it shares the same weakness as that game: The optimization in this version is not good, so the performance and especially, the frames per second, are constantly hit. Either way, this time you have more options to change to get the performance you want. If you still have problems, don't forget to disable "Advanced PhysX", oddly placed under the Game Options instead of the Video Options.

As for the gameplay, if you played the first game, this is exactly like that but with some adjustments, making the game even greater. The action is fast, the environments incredible detailed, the control is good, and now is easier to change items, like weapons and equipment. There are now new enemies, and some parts are really scary. The weapon customization is also better this time.

If you played the first game and enjoyed it, you can't skip this game.


Crazy Fun FPS/RPG/SCI-FI Game

Azrael360 | July 30, 2014 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition

This game is incredible fun. From the start you can tell you're playing something really different, even though some aspects may remember other games like Fallout or RAGE, this one doesn't take everything seriously and goes directly to the action. With colorful graphics, good designs in cel-shading, unforgettable characters and fast gameplay, your adventure in Pandora will be epic, with friends or alone. Although the story is simple, it's the gameplay and its characters that make Borderlands really special. It's an FPS mixed with RPG elements. In the start you'll have to chose from 4 different protagonists, each one with their own special abilities and differences. And with this character you'll have to play the entire -big- campaign. You will level up, unlock new abilities and specials. You will have to travel -a lot- in Pandora, find new locations and missions, and for that, you will get rewards as loot to upgrade your equipment.

The Game Of The Year Edition includes all 4 DLCs, and from July 29 2014, that annoying DRM known as SecuROM included in some DLCs has been removed, forever! So if you like open worlds to travel, fast action, loot, and Sci-Fi with comedy, this game is totally recommended.


Only For Fans Who Played It

Azrael360 | July 22, 2014 | Review of Jet Set Radio

To be honest, it was more entertaining back then when it was originally released, because you knew that with the limitations of the hardware of that time, this was an acceptable game. Now, it's a slow clunky mess filled with nostalgia and weird humor. I guess is still fun for the gamers that played the game back then, but for the rest of us, it is not. It's slow, the animations are very basic, the controls are bad and visually it's kind of ugly with saturated colors and annoying music, but still, some nostalgic fans still love it. The PC version feels like an emulated game instead of a remake or improved version.

Not recommended if you didn't play the original, or you'll be disappointed.


You Should Remember This

Azrael360 | July 22, 2014 | Review of Remember Me

It's been a while since I played a special and unique game like this one. If you want a reference, the combat is kind of similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum's with platform style found in the Assassin's Creed games, and everything wrapped

up with a Ghost In the Shell aura. You play as Nilin, a girl with no memories with the power to manipulate the memories of others. The story is amazing, I was hooked up from the beginning until the end, and the game is not short, in

"Normal" difficulty I needed 15 hours to complete it.

Technically, is beautiful. The art is fantastic and the action fast. It uses the Unreal Engine, but it's well implemented. You will never see the usual problem with this engine about the textures not loading fast enough found in some

other games using the Unreal Engine. Although, you may find some stuttering is some areas because the game loads while you play (you'll never see a loading screen), but this almost never happens and if it does, it's almost unnoticeable.

Also, it's true that the game is linear, but the designs are so fantastic and diverse, that you will never find a "recycled" area. Everything is designed differently, with details worthy to stop and watch. You will be also doing that

anyway if you want to find secrets, to unlock bonuses, increase your health, etc...

The combat seems complex and difficult to "implement", but it's really easy. With a combination of attacks to form a combo, you attack your enemies with these combos starting with an (X) or (Y) -if you're using an Xbox 360 controller-.

You have a max of 4 combos and as you progress in the game, you will unlock more attacks to form different combos with special effects, like increasing your damage, recover your health, and more. It sounds complex, but it isn't. It's

really easy and fun to use and edit.

With a great story, excellent voice acting, great animations (they did an excellent job with the motion capture), this is a game worthy of a purchase and to play it.

By the way, if you don't like the grain effect in the screen, there's a mod called "No Grain" that removes it completely. You can find it at NexusMods.


Epic Battles Showdown!

Azrael360 | July 13, 2014 | Review of Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition (NA)

First, I don't consider myself a "hardcore" fan of fighting games, just casual. I used to be, especially for series like Marvel vs. Capcom, The King Of Fighters, and others SNK games in the past, but never really enjoyed popular series like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. And since this game was played almost exactly like a Mortal Kombat game, I wasn't sure if I should get it, but my love for the DC Universe made me buy it during a sale, and oh boy, I'm glad I did.

This game is epic!, that's the word. Epic. The battles are a real show, the story is great, the control is good, and technically in graphics and sound is great. The game runs with locked 60 FPS, so if you don't have a powerful PC, most likely you won't be able to run the game at full speed, and maybe you will have to reduce the resolution of your monitor. The battles are fast, and as expected, they are very similar to the battles in Mortal Kombat, except for the gore. But having the chance to play as one of a selected group of the most powerful characters from the DC Universe, it's a blast. Really fun. Even The Joker is here... The moves and specials are really true to the nature of the characters, the locations are also well designed, big and interactive. You can use them to your advantage, by picking up or activating something to use against the other fighter.

As for the control, it's really good, easy to learn, and precise, except if you have a gamepad like an Xbox 360 controller. This gamepad wasn't designed for fighting games, so I recommend a proper fighting controller. If you can't, then you have to play very carefully to make the movements as best as you can. They are easier with the D-pad.

Do yourself a favor and try to get this game. If you're not sure like I was, then during a sale. It's worth it.


An Unforgettable Epilogue to BioShock Infinite

Azrael360 | July 1, 2014 | Review of BioShock Infinite: Season Pass (MAC)

The Season Pass is well worth your money. With this, you will get:

  • Early Bird Special Pack: An exclusive DLC only found in the Season Pass that adds to the main game a few extra gears, a couple of damage upgrades for the pistol and the machine gun, golden skins for the weapons, and 5 infusion bottles for you to use. If you ask me, that's a lot of help for a game that's not hard, but any help is always welcomed. In case you don't want this kind of help in your game, you can always have the option to not download this pack through the DLC tab in the Steam client (right click over the game —> Properties —> DLC), and unselect "BioShock Infinite - Season Pass".

  • Clash In The Clouds: A set of maps with challenges in them. There's no story, just waves after waves of enemies to beat.

  • Burial At Sea, Episode 1: The epilogue to BioShock Infinite. It's a little short (around 2 hours), but you will be visiting Rapture this time before the events of the first BioShock, and you know what that means...

  • Burial At Sea, Episode 2: The conclusion of Episode 1, and also in some indirect way, the prologue to the first BioShock. This DLC is a little longer than the last, and playing as Elizabeth, you will witness how really the main events in BioShock started, and it is highly recommended to play that game first before playing this DLC to fully understand it and to not spoil its story. Also, this one is a little sad, so be prepared.

  • a few items for Team Fortress 2.

For the price and the contents, it's a good deal, especially if you're a fan of the series and BioShock Infinite.


More Levels For You!

Azrael360 | June 27, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 (MAC)

Just as expected, this DLC allows you to level up your character up to 11 levels more. And as a bonus, you will also get a new map to test your skills, and a couple on fancy gears. That's it.

The DLC alone without the previous Upgrade Pack will allow to reach Level 61, but if you had it, you can reach Level 72. Also, this DLC is not included in the Season Pass or the GOTY Edition of the game, so if you have already reached the max level for your character, this DLC is really recommended to get.


The Arkham Origins Season Pass

Azrael360 | June 17, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins: Season Pass

First, please consider the skins as bonuses. Buying the season pass just for them isn't worth it. After all, they only add a cosmetic variety in the game and not new powers, skills or features. And, there are many skin mods you can find for free, and many of them equally in quality or better made by very talented people.

But if you check the list of DLCs this season pass has, you will see the "Initiation DLC", which is a good collection of nice challenge maps with added story, and the best of all, the "Cold, Cold Heart DLC" (previously named "Narrative DLC"), which is a new story involving Mr. Freeze, nonetheless. The new added campaign is played in the same city with just some new things here and there. But if you liked Arkham Origins, you will like this too.

If you plan to get one or both story DLCs and nothing else, you can wait for a sale and buy them separately. But you can still save something with the season pass and you get the skins as a bonus. That's pretty much it. Some of them are nice, tough.


"Batman: Arkham Origins", A Good Game For Fans

Azrael360 | June 17, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins

While previous games in the Arkham series can be recommended to anyone because of their quality, stories and gameplay, this one I would recommend for people who really enjoyed "Batman: Arkham City". Why?, because it's very similar to that game and it doesn't improve or try anything really different. Although it's still a great game to play for any Batman fan, after playing Arkham City this game feels more limited and repetitive.

Some glitches and bugs have been patched, but not entirely, but playing with a younger Bruce in this prequel story in the series will keep you interested until the end. After all, it's Batman we're talking about!


2 Titles of 2 Psychos in 1 Pack

Azrael360 | June 11, 2014 | Review of Kane and Lynch Pack

This pack contains two legendary titles developed by Io Interactive, the same creators of the great Hitman series. This time, we don't have games known for their stealth mechanics, instead, these games are pure and violent shooters in third person perspective. And be warned, these can be very violent and shocking. The protagonists are not the usual nice and valiant heroes, but just almost psychopaths anti-heroes, if that's possible. The stories are also violent, but very interesting. Either you love the games or not, there's nothing in between.

The first game is much older, and you can tell. The graphics are average at best, but the game is really fun to play. The second if more polished and also gruesome. You play it if it's filmed by someone following the action with a very shaky camera, with mosaic censorship in extreme violent situations, like somebody been shot in the head or when there's nudity in the game. It's supposed to be this way, like a filmed documentary in real-time.

Overall, this is a very good pack to get if you still don't have these titles. You save money in two good games.

One tip for you, in Kane & Lynch 2, if you're suffering from motion sickness or just don't like the shaking of the camera, you can disable that effect in the options for the controls and enable "Steady Camera".


A Rewarding Experience

Azrael360 | May 6, 2014 | Review of Aliens vs Predator

First, if you are a fan or just enjoy the Predators or Aliens series, you can't go wrong with this game. Here you will experience 3 different campaigns, and each one from a different perspective: A human Marine against Xenomorphs using the firepower of arms; as a Xenomorph using speed, stealth and close combat to kill; and as a Predator using mainly stealth.

The campaigns are short (3 to 4 hours long each one), but since they are 3 of them plus once finished you get the whole picture of the story, you should have a lot of fun playing differently each time for a not-so-short game in the end.

As for the technical qualities, the game looks really nice and very vivid. Although, the animations are a little stiff. The effects are great, especially when playing as a Predator. The sound is excellent and very true to the movies. The game also supports a gamepad (an Xbox 360 controller), even though it doesn't say anywhere.

I think anyone should have fun with this game, because there's something for anyone here... Good game.


Incredible Game!

Azrael360 | May 6, 2014 | Review of Bioshock Infinite

You're a lonesome detective who received a case to find a girl named Elizabeth in the City of Columbia, as the only way to pay some debts. That's how this incredible story starts, with a common start for an uncommon game. This single-player game offers a really great experience: it's long, original and has great action. It also has a good story, great characters, a good amount of powers and items to customize your character.

The game is very detailed, the graphics and the effects are really good. It's feels nice just to stop and see the environment, the small details, or hear your surroundings. You can tell the hard work that the developers did in this game. If you already have played a Bioshock game before, you know what you will expect here: a very original campaign, except this time, it will be up there in the clouds instead of underwater.

If you're looking for something different and deep to play alone, this is an excellent option to consider. Highly recommended.


A Good Reboot

Azrael360 | April 30, 2014 | Review of Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a reboot from 2001 of the entire series with elements of the both games from the 90's. It retells in more details the story of the failed mission of the Office of Secret Actions to infiltrate the Castle Wolfenstein, and how Blazkowicz, one of the captured agents, has to escape from the castle while still carrying his mission of investigating the activities of the SS Paranormal Division.

While id Software has almost nothing to do with it, the game has become a classic in its genre. Even though by today's standards is quite old, still has that unique Wolfenstein personality. It doesn't look good, but the silly action and the nazi paranormal theme make this game worthy to add to any collection, especially for any Wolfenstein fan and those looking for something classic.


The Direct Sequel To Quake II

Azrael360 | April 30, 2014 | Review of Quake IV

Quake IV is an old-school, somewhat linear and easy, story-driven First Person Shooter, and the sequel to Quake II and not Quake III, which was an arena matchmaking mess without story. Quake IV starts where Quake II ended, and fans of the series won't have any problem to continue the main story from here.

Technically, it looks average at best. Using the same engine from Doom 3, it looks really similar to that game. The textures are hit-and-miss, some look really well for their time, others look just bad. The sound and effects are great. As for the gameplay, is quite linear, with long corridors with enemies to defeat. And the enemy A.I. is not too well either, but it does the job. But it still entertains and probably by the end, you will wish for more, as many others wish right now.

For fans of the series, it should be a must-have, even with its flaws.


Excellent Add-On For The Game

Azrael360 | April 30, 2014 | Review of Aliens: Colonial Marines – Stasis Interrupted

This DLC is a prequel to the main game, and in at least 4 hours, you will experience some great moments and events that the main game didn't explain, especially, what really happened to Hicks.

The DLC fits in the main game really well, the story is clever and brings some excellent moments to play: fast action, fast xenomorphs and some tough bosses. And ends exactly where the main game starts.

If you really enjoyed Colonial Marines, you can't pass on this DLC. It won't disappoint you. Very recommended.


Skyrim: A True Masterpiece

Azrael360 | April 30, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Legendary Edition

This is probably the best game I've ever played. I already had it on Xbox 360 with over 470 hours played, and then on Steam with over 600 hours, and still doesn't tire me.

This is a classic single-player western RPG with the Elder Scrolls style and rich lore, where the player was multiple choices and quests to complete in an open world for hundred of hours of entertainment, in first or third person view. You can play however you like, be good or bad, warrior, mage or a mix of everything. You decide how to play and are free to do whatever you want.

The main game is about the resurrection of the dragons and a civil war in Skyrim (the northern region in Nirn), among many others important quests.

The expansion Dawnguard is about stopping or joining the Vampire Lords who want to cover the sun and rule the land.

Hearthfire is a simple DLC that lets you buy up to three lands, design and build a homestead in each one, and also, let you adopt up to four children.

The expansion Dragonborn is the biggest of the three DLCs, which adds the island of Solstheim in the north, between Skyrim and Morrowind, and it's about the return of the first dragonborn, the evil Miraak.

You can't go wrong with this game. Just with the main game you will get at least 300 hours of play, plus 100 hours with the DLCs. And thanks to the modding community, you can add many quality mods to the PC version to custom your adventure, and also, the famous Unofficial Skyrim Patches that fix hundred of script errors and bugs left unpatched by Bethesda. Highly recommended.


Skyrim: A True Masterpiece

Azrael360 | April 23, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Legendary Edition

This is probably the best game I've ever played. I already had it on Xbox 360 with over 470 hours played, and then on Steam with over 600 hours. And still doesn't tire me.

Back to the game, this is a classic single-player western RPG with the Elder Scrolls style and rich lore, where the player was multiple choices and quests to complete for hundred of hours of entertainment, in first or third person view. You can play however you like, be good or bad, warrior, mage or a mix of everything. You decide how to play and are free to do whatever you want.

The main game is about the resurrection of the dragons and a civil war in Skyrim (the northern region in Nirn), among many others quests.

The expansion Dawnguard is about stopping or joining the Vampire Lords who want to cover the sun and rule the land.

Hearthfire is a simple DLC that lets you buy up to three lands, design and build a homestead in each one, and also, let you adopt up to four children in the game.

The expansion Dragonborn is the biggest of the three DLCs, which adds the big island of Solstheim in the north between Skyrim and Morrowind, and it's about the return of the first dragonborn, the evil Miraak.

You can't go wrong with this game. Just with the main game you will get at least 300 hours of play, plus 100 hours with the DLCs. And thanks to the modding community, you can add many quality mods to the PC version to custom your adventure. Highly recommended.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Not a game from id Software

Azrael360 | April 23, 2014 | Review of Return to Castle Wolfenstein

This game was good back in the early 2000's. Today, not so much. But still it's a long and worthy Wolfenstein game, even though id Software had almost nothing to do with it.

Serving as a reboot in the Wolfenstein series, here is explained with more details the purpose of the Office of Secret Actions and the role of Blazkowicz, the main protagonist, who must escape from the castle after some events in the beginning of the game.

It is still an entertaining game, although don't expect too much from it.


Old School Sci-Fi Shooter

Azrael360 | April 23, 2014 | Review of Quake IV

Quake IV is a story-driven game that starts were Quake II ended, not like the random matches mess that Quake III presented in its time. Using the same engine as Doom 3, this game offers good action in linear maps, very similar to Doom 3, with more aliens and less demons...

Comparing this game to today's standards, it's an old game with mediocre to regular textures, with simple enemy A.I. and a generic story, but it's still a Quake game, and should get fun with it if you're not too demanding.


A worthy entry in the Castlevania series

Azrael360 | March 27, 2014 | Review of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD

Originally, Mirror Of Fate was a game developed for the Nintendo 3DS by MercurySteam as a direct sequel to the events seen in Lords Of Shadow (a reboot for the Castlevania series), and later released with improved graphics in HD on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, and now on the PC platform.

For this game, the levels designed in 3-D are played in a 2-D perspective (a "2.5-D" game), very much like the classic old titles in the series, especially using the standard set by the game Symphony Of The Night but with the combat style seen in Lords Of Shadow, and as expected for the PC version, this version in HD looks really good with gorgeous details and with soft and fluent animations, although sometimes you can still notice the handheld origins in the textures, and the cinematics have a cel-shading style. The sound is also good and the soundtrack is like always in the series, great. Although sometimes there's no music or a very subtle melody when the situation is calmed. But when there's action involved, the music shines with it. The control is also good and the game supports a gamepad. With an Xbox 360 controller, the control is very accurate.

You will be in the Dracula Castle during the entire game, with very long levels with beautiful backgrounds and plenty of checkpoints in between. And as always, you will have the chance to return to a previous point and use a different ability to reach some items or new places with more secrets to find.

Set around 25 years later after Lords Of Shadow, we play with 4 different characters in different periods of time: Gabriel Belmont, his son Trevor, his grandson and Trevor's son Simon, and Alucard. The story can be a little hard to follow for some people, because it's set during different periods, and only after completing these acts we can understand the whole story completely. We can also witness the origin of Alucard and the events that happened before the -already released- sequel Lords Of Shadow 2, where this character has a very important part in its story.

If you are a fan of the Castlevania series from a long time, you shouldn't miss this game. It's practically the Castlevania you ever wanted to play since Symphony Of The Night. And if you don't, but enjoyed Lords Of Shadow, this is a worthy game in the series as part of the new cannon established by Lords Of Shadow and using the old gameplay. Although the game is a little easy compared with the classic titles, is not a short experience and you'll need around 10-12 hours just to complete the main campaign, and much more if you'll also plan to look for the secrets in the castle.

It's one of the best Castlevania games I have ever played, and I've played almost all of them since the Nintendo NES era. Totally recommended. MercurySteam did a great job, again.


The Classic Flashback Modernized

Azrael360 | March 25, 2014 | Review of Flash back (NA)

Note: For this review, I won't compare the original Flashback with this new version, and it will be based purely in the experience offered from this re-imagined game.

After reading some reviews, I wasn't expecting something great but, I'm very happy that it's much better than expected. The game uses the Unreal engine and it looks good, and the sound is also good. The story is not original, but it keeps you interested in it. And the control is also good, and using a gamepad (Xbox 360 controller), the control is very accurate and not bad as I had previously read, probably because of the patches (or maybe not).

It has that 2-D perspective of those old games like the original Flashback or the earliest Prince Of Persia games from the 90s. The basic controls include: Jumping with (A), aiming and shooting with the right stick and [RT] respectively. You can also look around with the right stick, so you always can see and look for safe places to land or jump below you, or for hidden items. There's also a map that helps you if you don't know where to go. Obviously later in the game you can do more.

If you look back to back with the original game, this version is like an upgrade of the old game using the current modern systems if it was made today and not in the 90s. Although, just like the original, it is a little short (around 5-6 hours). The difficulty is not really high, and probably you will prefer to play it on Normal or above.

As a free Uplay Reward (for 0 Uplay points), the game also includes the original Flashback (1993 Edition).

Recommended for fans of 2-D action platformers looking for something old, but modern at the same time.


Don't be fooled by this little girl

Azrael360 | Feb. 8, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2: Mechromancer Pack

Gaige The Mechromancer, the 5th new playable character, is a great add-on for Borderlands 2. With this dangerous girl with bad attitude, you will have the chance to try three new skill trees: "Little Big Trouble", which focuses in elemental damage and effects, like burning electrocution, especially effective against shielded enemies; "Ordered Chaos" (a.k.a. Anarchy), which focuses in increasing the damage done by your weapons, incredible effective to any enemy, but the higher the damage level, the accuracy will be affected as well although negatively. And the third skill is "Best Friends Forever", which focuses in her robot friend: Deathtrap, an extremely useful robot who can fight for Gaige with some helpful abilities.

The three new skills can be a little challenging to handle and manage for newcomers, so this is most recommendable for fans looking for some new way to play. Although, it's still recommendable for any fan of Borderlands 2. The important thing is to get the balance that works for you. A very enjoyable DLC.


Mafia II DLC Pack: A better deal

Azrael360 | Feb. 6, 2014 | Review of Mafia II DLC Pack

The DLCs for Mafia II are better to get in a pack like this with a lower price. Buying them separately is not recommended, since they do not add much content to the main game by themselves and it would be expensive.

In this pack, starting from the lowest value delivered by its DLCs, you will find some nice clothes that you can use from the beginning of the game, with an unique designs that you won't find in the base game, like the military suits or the more "modern" Vegas style suits, but these are just cosmetics and not really useful. Then there are the cars. These also are unique and not found in the game, like the Hot Rods. And just like the clothes, you will have access to them once you get access to your garage for the first time from the start, which by the way is extremely useful, especially with the fastest cars, like the great cars found in the Renegade DLC.

But new content to play is always more preferable, and this can be found in the Jimmy's Vendetta DLC and Joe's Adventure DLC. Jimmy's Vendetta offers a more "arcade" approach to Mafia II following the story of Jimmy, the mercenary from The Betrayal Of Jimmy DLC, with missions through the city against time and earning points, doing some generic missions, like killing someone or transporting something in the fastest way possible. Jimmy is not a likeable character and some missions can be really frustrating, so once you finish that DLC you will probably not play Jimmy's Vendetta again. But the star of the pack is Joe's Adventure, the DLC starring the best friend of Vito: Joe. Offering a similar approach like its predecessor, Joe's Adventure is filled with missions around the city and some of them has also a timer, but Joe is Joe, and you will have fun playing as him.

Although, both story DLCs share similar aspects and gameplay, including the classic sandbox gameplay of reaching a point to activate a mission, the main difference between them is while Jimmy's Vendetta is not connected at all with the main story of Mafia II, Joe's Adventure is, and it's set during an special time in the main game and after an important event in Vito's life in the late 40's and early 50's, starting with a great mission that fills a gap in the story of Mafia II.

If you really enjoyed Mafia II, you should consider this pack. It will be worth it, for the right price.


Good selection of new planes

Azrael360 | Nov. 11, 2013 | Review of SkyDrift: Extreme Fighters Premium DLC

So you want more new planes and with better stats to play from the beginning? Well then, this is for you. For a low price, you can have these three nice planes to play anytime you want, even from the beginning if you can't wait to unlock the others.

What these planes really offer, besides the great looking designs and more variety in planes, is a chance to pilot 3 extra planes with better stats overall, but they're not that different from the planes you will find later in the game, except from one stat that it's maxed out:

  • Vanguard: Max armor.
  • Sparrow X1: Max speed.
  • Triwing Vintage: Max boost power.

But don't think that they will guarantee an easy victory, your abilities are still needed to win with these planes. But still, if you really liked SkyDrift, you should think in getting this DLC. Adding these 3 new extra planes to the base 8 planes is not bad at all. If you're not sure, you can always wait for a sale.


Intense racing action... in the skies!

Azrael360 | Nov. 11, 2013 | Review of SkyDrift

SkyDrift, a game developed by Digital Reality, it's a racing game where you pilot an airplane and face intense combats against your opponents while racing against them. There's no place here for the faint of heart: the races are fast, the combat frenetic and the routes full of obstacles. What makes SkyDrift great, is the fun you'll get while playing it and its amazing moments where you'll be screaming "oh my god!" or "holy...!". With tight controls, you will be able to do some great stunts easily in these planes, especially with a gamepad.

Like any other "Kart" game, you will able to get items (weapons or bonuses) during the races to use against your opponents or for yourself, but also, you can convert these items in extra boost for more boost speed. The more you win or get to a podium position, more planes or skins are unlocked for you.

The closest game I could think to SkyDrift, is the flying segments of "Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed", but SkyDrift in 10x more intense, faster and open. The graphics are very similar to that game too, everything is very colorful, nice and well designed, but not everything can be good, right? Exactly as "Bang Bang Racing", another game made by the same developers, you may find some graphical glitches or corruption from time to time that can be a little annoying, but luckily they are really fast, so they're not game breaking.

Others negative points are: not being able to change the game language from the in-game options, so it'll always starts in the same language as the one set in the operating system (the only way to start the game in another language is to change this in the control panel); and if you play with a gamepad, the controls on screen will show always keys, not gamepad buttons, even in the tutorial. So if you want to know what the buttons do, you will have to see the control scheme in the options.

But everything else is so good, that you will forgive those issues and just enjoy SkyDrift.


Mafia II: The Real Mafia Experience

Azrael360 | Oct. 18, 2013 | Review of Mafia II

Mafia II is a fantastic sandbox-action-driving game. With an excellent story, superb graphics, sound and music, great gameplay and ambiance, it is highly recommended for anyone looking for a more mature sandbox game.

The level of details that this game has, is sometimes unbelievable. From simple things like pedestrians, houses and cars, up to bigger things, like buildings, streets and roads; and that includes even the smaller of things, like a cup of coffee or a newspaper. And don't forget the "playboys"...

You'll get easily, at least 15 hours out from it, and probably more. I have this game on Xbox 360 and now on PC, and always get at least 25 hours going for everything this game have, and that's just playing the base game without the DLC. And never get tired of it, that's how I really enjoy and love Mafia II.

As for the game itself, the story is amazing and the characters believable. Starting in the '40s and followed by the '50s, you will see that everything will change according to the years: cars, clothes, even the aspect and the climate of the city. The driving is also good, and every type of cars drives differently. Also the action is good and feels right, you can aim properly and also protect yourself behind something, and still be in control of your character to do what you want. And with a great selection of weapons at your disposal, you can always try different types of weapons according to your preferences.

With a big and beautiful city to explore, good cars to drive, and missions to unlock, you can't go wrong with Mafia II. Again, highly recommended.


The Island of Solitude

Azrael360 | June 3, 2013 | Review of Dear Esther

This game is simply beautiful, but maybe saying "game" is too much. Is more like an "interactive experience".

You are a man who’s alone in this solitary island with practically no life to be seen, with the exception of some birds around and maybe some fishes. While you walk your path travelling through this abandoned place, you’ll be hearing what the protagonist has to tell. And that’s the only way to know about the background story of this man and this place.

Graphically, this game is astonishing and the sound incredible realistic, with the sound of the ocean in the distant and the wind blowing. And that’s not all, at some point you’ll have to travel through some caverns with water running through the walls with the echo of the drops… That’s why I prefer to call it experience than a game, because here there aren’t puzzles to solve, or “bad guys” to kill. You just walk, observe, look around taking your time, hear the man and continue. There are many details to look at that are related to the background story, and if you look really closely, maybe you can find something else…

Finally, the soundtrack is exceptional and beautifully performed. I recommend listen it in a dedicated sound system to really enjoy it, if you have the soundtrack (sold separately).

What could be criticized, is the slow pace of the walking without been able to run or walk faster, but strangely, the game already had that function implemented and can be easily added to the configuration files of the game to be able to use them.

The game can be completed in 2 hours, with the possibility to see something different if it is replayed. Maybe is not recommended for everyone, but for the gamers patience enough that are looking for something to explore, without a doubt they will enjoy it the most.


A simple little racing game, and fun... for a while

Azrael360 | May 11, 2013 | Review of Bang Bang Racing

Bang Bang Racing is much better than it seems, but not by much. It is a simple racing game, with nice and colorful graphics and tight controls. I played it with an Xbox 360 controller, and the game is fully compatible with it. At first is very easy, with simple tracks and not too challenging, but don’t be mislead, these cars looks cute but their aggressive AI won’t let you win easily. In fact, once you reach the races with the fastest cars, prepare yourself to curse, because you will be crashed a lot by these pilots, especially in the very tight curves at high speeds, making almost impossible to get in the better positions if you make a few mistakes during the race.

Graphically, the game looks clean. Although sometimes you’ll see some quick glitches, like white polygons appearing on screen while taking a turn, but these are very, very fast, like a flash effect and doesn’t affect the gameplay or the driving. Also, there are zero graphics options to set and only two resolutions to choose: 1024x768 (for 4:3 aspect monitors) and 1366x768 (for 16:9 aspect monitors).

Sound, and especially the music are very generic, so don’t expect something fancy here. Interesting though, the music tracks are in MP3 format, and can be easily replaced.

Overall, is a nice little racing game that surely will bring you a few hours of joy, but once you finish with it, there’s not much else to do.