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XCom and Baulder's Gate mashed into one!

Azzmayyne | Jan. 24, 2014 | Review of Blackguards Deluxe Edition - PC

I bought this on GOG (before GMG had a sweet discount/voucher on it...) but I don't regret the purchase one bit. It's crazy addictive, I've already got about 10 hours into this (was released 2 days ago and I work full time). Anyways, the game uses the rules from The Dark Eye (very similar to DnD, but German) and because of that, character progression/skill trees/development is very deep. This makes the combat that much more satisfying (more so than XCom in my opinion) because of the high level of customization you can do to your character. The environment is usable and can sometimes make the difference between life or death. Fights can also get pretty damn challenging; you can get heavily outnumbered, or be facing something much stronger than you. Strategy is very important, you can't face roll your way through every fight. Huge variety of maps, some are small and others are massive. The massive ones are usually riddled with environmental triggers (rocks falling down on you or your enemies from above and etc) Besides gameplay, there isn't much in terms aesthetic customization. In the beginning you get to pick from male/female and 5 faces each. I'm okay with that but some other people do like to have that customization available. The voice acting gets a bad rep but I find it to be decent, it fits the campy humour in the game. To summarize, if you like DnD games and enjoy turn based strategies like XCom, you will love this game. P.S. Not sure if this is allowed in a GMG review or not but the Steam community for Blackguards has a pretty great guide on The Dark Eye rules and also the main important stats for the classes. The link's here: (


Different enough to be an expansion

Azzmayyne | Jan. 17, 2014 | Review of Chivalry Deadliest Warrior - PC

I've logged about 40+ hours in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (the original) and about 7 hours for Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior. From my assessment so far, Deadliest Warrior adds a lot of new content with the 6 character types which makes it play quite a bit differently from the original. Each character is much more versatile and has the potential to use ranged weapons (pretty significant in terms of damage as well). This makes team games a lot more strategic than before. Also each character type is different from the next so there are a lot of different play styles this game caters to. So far I've found the game to be very enjoyable and a refreshing change from the original. However if you're solely looking for melee combat you may be better suited to sticking with Medieval Warfare. Also, an important thing to note is that mouse dragging's effectiveness has been reduced in this expansion, as your damage fluctuates based on when in the attack you actually hit your opponent. For example, for a stab to achieve maximum damage you have to make sure you hit the enemy at the end of the motion. As opposed to the original where if the stab made contact at any point it would cause full damage. Looking at you spear wielders.