Reviews by BDtetra


Not anything like GTA, completely different experience

BDtetra | April 12, 2011 | Review of Mafia II - PC

A lot of people compare this game to the GTA series. Yes, they are both sandbox games where you can free roam, but the concept is totally different. I mention this because a lot of people play this game thinking that it's something like GTA, and get disappointed because it turns out that it doesn't play like that. One major difference is that there are no multiple side quests. There are not a lot of collectibles either. Some may think that this is a negative thing in a free roam game. This game, actually, is not really a sandbox game. The whole point of the free roam aspect implemented in the game was put in there just to enhance the experience of the main campaign. And, if you actually play the game, this concept really works well with the whole game, especially since the campaign is very well made. The driving though can get a little annoying, since there are many times that you drive around but there are numerous amounts of cops in the streets. You can't drive like crazy and run away like GTA, which does seem a little more realistic, but it does feel awkward. The controls aren't perfect, and I did had a little trouble doing gunfights in the beginning, but it is nothing that really gets in the way of the gameplay. One major flaw was that there is only autosaves, and the autosave span is longer than I would expect for games like this, especially since you can die pretty easily.


Great game, but not really a replayable one

BDtetra | April 10, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

The concept of the game is very simple, you mix magic and kill enemies. It's basically a Hack and Slash game where the equipment isn't really relevant, but instead spell casting with multiple combination of elements adds in the blank space. The game itself is very fun, mainly a multiplayer game, although its still fairly easy to beat it in singleplayer. The major factor that adds the difficulty of this game is Friendly Fire. Basically all your friends and your spells will effect and damage each other, which creates a lot of chaos and fun when playing with 4 people. You can easily revive your teammates with no cost what so ever, so you don't really need to be afraid of killing your friends. The multiplayer is very enjoyable and good players and bad players can both play without any problem. So why isn't this game replayable? The major problem or flaw of this elemental combination system to cast a spell is that once you figure out few of the best combinations, you (and most of the good players in multiplayer, too) end up only using those limited amount of spells. Also, there are still a few bugs that bother you when your playing, even though most of the major bugs already got patched. Overall, I think it's definitely worth the price, but not much more.


Extremely fun Sandbox Game

BDtetra | April 10, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Just Cause 2 is definitely a must buy if you enjoy sandbox games such as Grand Theft Auto and Mercenaries. Although there isn't much of a story to the whole game, its just fun blowing up enemy bases with helicopters, or going stealth and setting C4's on the oil tanks. There is a lot that you can destroy, and the more you destroy, the more points and money you get. There are tons of side quests where you work for multiple factions, so you will need a lot of time if you want to complete all of them. The map itself is enormous, much bigger than I have seen for a lot of games. Maybe a little too big because it does take you a while to get from one place to another. One interesting factor to this game that other open world games don't have is the tether. You can use it the obvious way where you use it to move around buildings, or you can use it in creative ways such as tethering an enemy to a helicopter and fly with him. It adds a lot more creativity to your gameplay. The only major downside to this game is that the faction missions do get boring after a while, and is extremely difficult to keep your motivation up if you want to complete every single mission and collectible. I don't really recommend trying to complete every mission you can step by step, but rather play and try to beat the game once, and start collecting the second time around.