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Telltale nailed it!

BEEFSTEW | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

After buying the season pass when the content was episodic, the wait for the next part of this game was torture, I am jealous of anyone who hasn't played this game yet simply because I'd love to play it again with without any knowledge of the story. If you are not interested in story driven point and click game play this is not for you, but the simplicity of the controls and the ability to use the XBOX 360 controller seamlessly opens this up to an audience that doesn't have to be well versed in fast paced, precision gaming. Instead of the usual blockbuster style stories in games this is more likened to watching a TV series in which you control the dialogue and actions of one character (Lee Everett). The graphics aren't amazing but yet are not a hindrance and never does it disconnect you from the game that it is of cel-shaded style. The sound and visuals even have the ability to ramp up the tension when it wants and does well to adequately portray the dangerous world of a zombie apocalypse. The choices of dialogue influence the way other characters react to you, how scenarios play out and most of all are remembered by the game and can come back to bite you! Your actions can literally mean life or death for some of the cast. You really start to feel for the characters or sometimes despise and it is a real testament to the love Telltale Games put into this how emotive you could become playing a video game. The slight disappointment I had is how some parts of the story do have to happen no matter how you play through, but that is just a small blip on what is a wonderful experience.


Crazy genius from TEAM MEAT

BEEFSTEW | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of The Binding of Isaac - PC

Writing a review for this game is pretty hard, the concept just seems insane but once you play a few games (and inevitably die) the hooks will be in! Escaping his homicidal Mother by fleeing to the basement, Isaac has to fight his way through randomly generated levels of disturbing monsters and bosses. With tears his only weapon to begin with you steadily arm Isaac with bombs, items that increase damage/range/speed/amount of tears and much more add ons that physically change the appearance of Isaac as you progress. There are challenges, characters to unlock and a lot of items to collect. Because the levels and loot are randomly generated the replayability of this game is huge. The controls are simple, WASD to move and arrow keys to fire, space bar for special items and shift for bombs so anyone can pick up and play. For the price it's a steal and it doesn't take a monster pc to run, so everyone should play, unless you're squeamish that is...


Killing zombies with friends is fun!

BEEFSTEW | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of Dead Island - PC DVD

This is a game I recommend playing with at least one other friend the whole way through as playing by yourself is nothing more than a chore. The melee combat and crafting system is fun and there are skill trees to progress your character any way you want. The classes are individual in their traits each being more efficient in either blunt weapons, knives, guns or throwing weapons, even though each character can use whatever weapons they like! You constantly feel the progression of leveling and it keeps your mind from the mediocre at best story line, the terrible voice acting and common bugs (some of my best memories are of the bugs). Guns are underwhelming but with mods like electric bullets they prove to have some worth. In summary, the story is pants and you will encounter bugs, but with friends there is plenty fun to be had smashing zombies to bits.


Storytelling Masterpiece

BEEFSTEW | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of The Last of Us - PlayStation 3

After playing Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, I was confident that this game would live up to their proven high standards but in no way was I prepared for the brilliance of this experience. Playing on Hard with no hints I finished the game in around 18 hours. This is not a game to be rushed, finding scrap, ammo and items to craft and upgrade weapons is essential. But also things like collecting artifacts that uncover narratives about characters, listening to all of Ellie's observations of the environments you pass through to the amazing AI animations and beautiful cut scenes that give you an unparalleled sense of immersion. The story takes inspiration from many places such as Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' to Richard Matheson's 'I am Legend' but this is in no way treading old ground and truly has an excellent unique story. The game play is not sacrificed for the story one bit with controls that make you feel the way middle aged man would and not a bullet proof super hero, where every kill needs to be well thought out and an urgency brought about by having no pausing screens to heal or craft. From the brutal, satisfying melee combat to the sneaky stealth of the bow you can choose to act on however your playing style desires. If you have a PS3 you need this game, if you don't have a PS3, this is top of the list why you should!