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A niche game that's story forced it into the mainstream

BTerran | June 4, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

Telltale Games appeals to people who value story over actual gameplay and usually that lends itself to a niche audience. The Walking Dead is the exception, not because it fundamentally breaks that formula, but because it tells a tale so gripping and immersive that people will gladly play this from start to finish despite its shortcomings in other areas. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: the gameplay elements are lackluster. The game will occasionally prompt you do execute a combination of point-and-click maneuvers and tasks that don’t require too much more than rapidly pressing a single key, followed by hitting a different key. There will be puzzles for you to solve along the way, but nothing that greatly taxes your memory or problem solving abilities. If that sounds like a deal breaker to you, then it will unfortunately be your loss. In The Walking Dead you control Lee Everett, a university professor with a complicated past that finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. If you’re a fan of the series, you probably already know the details, but for a genre that has been done extensively, The Walking Dead brings a very personal element to it that makes you feel for the characters trapped in this situation. It helps that this game tries to tailor itself around your choices. Lee will react to situations how you feel is best and while how much your choices changes the plot is somewhat debatable, his actions will impact how people feel about him. The supporting cast is likable and varied, with each character having believable strengths and flaws. You’ll find yourself hesitant to make certain decisions for fear of how others might judge you because the game does an excellent job of making you care. It’s a storytelling experience that’s rare – not just in games, but in general – and that’s why it’s received the level of praise that it has.


Good game for a discount price

BTerran | May 29, 2013 | Review of Poker Night 2 - PC

Whether or not you’ll enjoy this game depends entirely on what you’re looking for. In Poker Night 2 you will, unsurprisingly, play poker (either Texas or Omaha Hold ‘em). You will always play Poker against the same four AI and while there’s challenges and rewards for you to work towards, the actual gameplay doesn't change. And yet there is a certain charming and even addicting element to this game. It’s great fun if you’ll in the mood for a more laid back, casual gaming experience. A large part of that stems from your opponents. Telltale did a great job of staying true to the characters of Claptrap, Ash, Sam, Brock Samson, and GLaDOS. Listening to them muse about the dreams they've had, comment on each other’s adventures, and just crack jokes is entertaining even if you eventually exhaust all the dialogue and start hearing the same lines over and over again. Beyond that, just trying to beat them is a lot of fun. The game might be just poker, but it does a great job of capturing the excitement of that game. If that appeals to you, then it’s a great buy for just $5.


An engrossing experience

BTerran | May 14, 2013 | Review of Bastion - PC

The gameplay for Bastion is easy to understand, but gets complex as you go on without ever becoming confusing. From start to finish, there's always a new weapon or move to keep things fresh despite its hack-and-slash roots. That said, it's the presentation and story that set this game apart. Bastion's world literally grows as you move and the environments are both varied and appealing to look at. The narrator keeps things the story going as you progress, giving your journey an epic feel. The story itself isn't up to par with longer games, but what's there is interesting and leaves an impact. Even if you don't like Indie games, Bastion is one worth trying.