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Take notes, this is how sequels should be made

Balrock168 | May 14, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II EU Post - PC

Dark Souls II is the perfect example of how a working concept can get carried over into a Sequel without simplifying it to cater the masses. Even better, it's success should show modern developers and publishers to not be afraid of creating a complex worlds full of consequences, a game without micro-transactions and shortcut DLC. More of that please! Now to the game itself: Graphic wise it's certainly not on par with other recent titles, but it nevertheless manages to convey different atmosphere's of different locations very well and the great artdesign easily makes up for it. What about the Gameplay now? well you will die. a lot. For those unfamiliar with Dark Souls, it's a game where literally any encounter can mean your death if you are careless or make mistakes. You progress more or less linear from area to area, with a fair bit of exploring and secret treasures in most of them. Some parts can be really tough, but the fact that you can summon up to 2 human players to assist you on your way to the area boss as well as in the bossfights themselves makes it a lot easier and less frustrating. I have only 2 points of real critique on the game, firstly a lot of things remain unexplained in the tutorial, How does dualwielding work? how can I level up? And other stuff that should really be clearly mentioned in the ingame tutorial, a part of this is that the keybinds aren't adjustable as much as one would like. The other one is that some bossfights feel a little off balanced when comparing fighting the boss as a team of 3 to just yourself. I tried most bosses by myself first to see how I'd do and what to look out for, but for some bosses getting 2 players to assist me would morph a horribly hard fight into a relatively relaxed fight. While in my opinion the difficulty should be somewhat similar, wether you now choose to take bosses on yourself and play the game as a Solo-RPG or battle alongside friends or strangers. Other than that there's little left to say, if you are looking for an action-, roleplaying title and you are ready to be challenged by a game and it's difficulty than Dark Souls 2 is the game for you.


Top notch 3rd person action, and one hell of a main character

Balrock168 | April 23, 2014 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

First of all to the gameplay, it's kept simple and nothing is revolutionized in terms of 3rd person action, but they achieved the combat to be fun, challenging (especially at higher difficulties, a trait I miss in many other games) and it has a nice flow to it. But where are you fighting? No worries, the area's you shoot up have enough diversity to not make you feel like you shoot up the same place over and over. Collectables (pieces of golden guns) should have been removed imo, as they are not only there during the normal gameplay but also during some cutscenes, making them look utterly ridicolous. My take on it is that they simply don't fit in a game like this. The Story is a decent thriller set in Sao Paulo, but what really makes this game memorable is Max as a main character. You don't play a Supersoldier #9 out to save the world nor the knight in shining plate armor. You can actually follow his reasoning why he's doing the things he's doing, In Short Max Payne 3 is a decent story with a really great main character bedded in a solid 3rd person shooter. (Note Multiplayer was not taken into account for rating, this review is for the singleplayer only )


Going to be hard to deliver a Sequel living up to this title

Balrock168 | April 23, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

The gameplay is fast, fun and always motivating to find that gun that perfectly fits your playstyle, then after some levels it grows just too weak and the hunt is on again. There are plenty of laughs and the dialouges are surprisingly well written for a game revolving so much around DAKA DAKA. (CLaptrap is probably my alltime favorite characters of every game ever) Co-Op with a buddy or two it easily delivers some of the best coop action out there. The RPG elements with the class tree's break the game up nicely so playing again with a different character will make the combat feel different. Great game, but it's going to be hard for them to deliver a sequel that lives up to this one simply because it does so many things so well


A Hardcore title for those who seek truly authentic WW combat

Balrock168 | April 23, 2014 | Review of Rising Storm - PC

Yes, if you are new to the game you will die, you won't know where it came from, most likely not even know what happened. But if you can drag yourself past the first few rough hours this game will reward you with a true feeling of terror, while carefully looking at a half destroyed houses across the street, out of next to every window a deadly shot could pop up any moment. running in the open streets all too often means certain death. Few gamemakers dared to make direct combat as deadly as this but it comes refreshing, a game where you can't run across the map quickscoping every other guy, who lits up from the background as if he wore christmas lights around his neck. Especially in the realism mode this is a hardcore game, made for the core players and they did a fair job. There's NOTHING in the realism mode, no help at all, there are no indications if a guy is friendly or enemy, nothing that shows you how much ammo you have left, and no minimap. of Course there are plenty of servers running plenty of different setups but i definitely like the realism mode best, no other game delivers hardcore unforgiving gameplay like this.