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Worth around $1

Basil88 | Feb. 13, 2014 | Review of Total War Battles Shogun - PC

This game only has single player mode. The storyline feels forced all the way through, the main purpose is just to introduce new unit types. Although you may have seen hexes in screenshots, this game is actually an RTS. It's not a turn based game. The battles consist of moving units across maps in one direction. They can't turn back. Units have some similarity to those in Shogun: Total War 2, for example having a monk unit nearby can buff defense stats of your other units. The objective of each stage is usually to crush the enemy general. There is minimal resource management. Your buildings generate your income and you can get additional income from clicking the building when an icon pops up. This feels a bit weird because it’s on the PC. You can get bonuses depending on how you place your buildings. The game unlocks a new class each stage you progress to and there are also challenging stages which can help you unlock more classes. Most of the units are the same, making this aspect of the game boring. The music is the same as Shogun:Total War for better or worse. Overall, unless this is on sale, I wouldn’t recommend picking it up. A fair warning to everyone; if you are looking for battles with hundreds of units, this game is not for you. I find this ok in short doses, it’s on par with most Facebook games. Other reviews may suggest that this game is excellent. It's not! It's a hybrid that doesn't innovate.