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Almost the definition of mediocre.

Belgand | April 18, 2014 | Review of Binary Domain - PC

It doesn't do anything that hasn't already been done better before. Shallow, dull characterization and a plot that can't decide if it wants to be serious (and typically luddite "humanoid robots are immoral") or goofy all wrapped in some fairly generic third-person shooter gameplay that cribs thoroughly from other games. It sure throws in just about everything too in the hopes that a decent game will emerge: you've got the dismemberment mechanic from Dead Space (but without the concept of alternate weak spots that made it interesting), a light RPG system of character customization, selectible companions (with a "loyalty" system that will influence some of the cut-scenes and the ending), some on-rails shooting sections, and most awkwardly of all a speech-recognition system (that never worked for me) for controlling the AI companions and answering occasional questions. Except while they were throwing all of this together they never thought about whether it improved the game or added anything. So it just feels very mashed together. The levels are deeply linear and the settings aren't anything new or exceptional (slums, factories, sewers, offices, etc.). The story sort of tries, but again, the mood whiplashes between goofy and overly serious and I found myself sympathizing far more with the "villains" than the dumb, meathead protagonist. The later plot twists range from obvious to ludicrous. The shooting itself is... decent, but it's unexceptional. If you absolutely have to play a third-person shooter there's nothing technically wrong with it and it will provide about 15 hours of generic gameplay, but you can almost certainly do better.