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Better Than I Expected, A Great Weekend Game

Bigglesworth524 | June 28, 2013 | Review of The Darkness II Overflow - PC

The Darkness II is short. That's it. That's the only real criticism I can think of for it. Rather than talk heaps about how the shooting is fluid and fun, which it is, or why the story, writing, and voice acting, is really well done, which they are, I'll simply recommend this one and move on. Oh, the visual style is neat too, like a darker Borderlands. So there's that.


Just Shy of Engrossing

Bigglesworth524 | June 28, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

There is nothing to say about Dishonored on the gameplay front that hasn't been said already. Dishonored is empowering, and a genuine joy to play. But I feel it's missing something. I wasn't sucked into this game universe. Dishonored suffers from dull characters, a predictable plotline. Considering I went into this having been told the story aspects of the game were well-done, I didn't find Dishonored as engrossing as promised. If all you're looking for is a mindless stealth-action brawler to get yourself through a weekend (and this is a shorter game that you might expect), Dishonored is a fun playthrough. Just temper your expectations, and don't expect a believable world packed with memorable characters.


Haunting. Beautiful. Worth the $5.

Bigglesworth524 | June 28, 2013 | Review of Kairo Steam - PC

I like really weird games. I like them a lot. Kairo, fortunately, is a very weird game, indeed. Kairo sells itself in a few ways. In part, it's the visual style, with abstract, geometric environments, and a film-grain filter slapped over the whole thing. Even the visuals have a story to tell here. If that sounds pretentious, it's because it is, but in a good way. If you've ever been sitting alone on a rainy night, and wanted something dark and mysterious to pass the time, with a few not-too-intensive puzzles to work out, Kairo is the game you didn't know you needed.


Infinite-ly Moving. Oh yeah.

Bigglesworth524 | June 21, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

Every now and again, a game comes out that is genuinely worth talking about. It doesn't happen often, and that's why it's special. Bioshock Infinite is one such game. Visually striking, with audio work rivaling the greatest games of all time, Infinite is a feast of the senses. And yes, that sounded pretentious. But for once, it's actually true. This game redefines immersion, and I love it for that. There is the occasional bug. The combat isn't terribly original, though fun, and some users will be put off by the game's astounding, though puzzling, conclusion. If you're not used to a game asking you to really think about what's going on, Infinite might not be for you. But for the rest of us, Infinite's plot is as close to flawless as a video game story will ever come. The ending is simultaneously beautiful and frustrating, explaining just enough for you to piece it together, without explaining enough to make it simple. This isn't a perfect game. But it doesn't set out to be. This game has something to say, and says it well, with shooting action entertaining enough to keep us hooked, without distracting us from the story. Bioshock Infinite is more than worth a play-through.