Reviews by Bigshrimp


Indie platformer with puzzle elements.

Bigshrimp | Oct. 5, 2014 | Review of 6180 The Moon Steam - PC

This game is short but sweet. Kind of simple graphics but has a unique mechanic. The soundtrack is pretty good too. The story and all that is kind of boring to me. Worth the small price they ask for if you like a more simple driven indie game.


Great sequal to the old Grand Daddy of strategy rpgs.

Bigshrimp | Sept. 29, 2014 | Review of Wasteland 2 - PC

I love this game so much. It has lots of depth and the story isn't boring. I really appreciate the approach on surviving out on the wasteland. They really put a lot of effort into making sure you get at least 50 hours of gameplay too. If you like X-COM and other turn based strategy games, you will love this game. I can't think of a better time wasting my time in the wasteland. :)


The Ultimate Total War Collection

Bigshrimp | March 21, 2013 | Review of Total War Grandmaster Collection - PC

This is the best collection for war strategists you can find right now, especially when it is on sale. Each game is excellent in its own right. You also get Viking: Battle For Asgard which is not a strategy game, it is more just a action romp, but is a nice extra if you are into those kind of games. Total War Battles: Shogun isn't like the rest either, it is more of a small scale grid based strategy game, much more simpler than the others. If you want a lot of strategy war games to last you for years to come, definately get this gigantic bundle.


Four challenging extra levels

Bigshrimp | March 18, 2013 | Review of Rochard Hard Times - PC

This DLC is definately a lot more challenging than the levels in the original core game. You also get 4 extra achievements with it as well. I would say it isn't overwhelmingly hard, but just the extra challenge you get makes it worth while. You may spend up to two hours to complete the levels. Overall a satisfying extra bite of the game with some extra spice thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed it, I am sure you will too. I just wish they had given us more than just four levels, but for the price, it's a fair value.


Combat heavy space shooter.

Bigshrimp | March 18, 2013 | Review of Strike Suit Zero Collectors Edition - PC

This game is very heavy in the combat sci-fi shooter action arena. You get lots of upgrades and they are pretty fun to use. The upgrade system works well with the way the game plays throughout. The graphics and audio are decent and the game can be difficult at times. Some missions are required to be played again to get certain upgrades, so it can get a little repetitive at times. Overall it is a fun action romp that has little bit of simulation mixed with stylized shooting. The story could have better though.


Extra character that adds more to the game.

Bigshrimp | March 18, 2013 | Review of Krater Dr Cerebro Character - PC

I got this extra character with the pre-order of the game. He is a nice addition the the characters that come with the game. You can play him in co-op and comes with his on unique skills. If you want some more bang for your buck, get this when it is on sale. Other than that, you can enjoy a little more variety with the extra character. Pretty enjoyable too.


Pretty decent tower defense game.

Bigshrimp | March 18, 2013 | Review of ShadO (1) - PC

This is a typical tower defense game with a unique premise. You are a boy trapped in his dreams that he is trying to escape. It has some really interesting artwork and stylization. I enjoy the game for its interesting uniqueness and story. Give it a shot if you are into tower defense and have an open mind to new styles of the genre. Also has a pretty decent story to boot. I hope you all like it when you try it.


Awesome rogue-like in the SOTS Universe

Bigshrimp | March 15, 2013 | Review of Sword of the Stars The Pit - PC

This game is quite a polished rogue-like. Rogue-likes are where you only can live once, so once you do die, it's game over and you will have to start over all again. People may be familiar with that genre of games if they tried Dungeons of Dredmor and other similiar games. You can play the game as a Marine, Pilot, and Engineer, each with specialization of skills. But even if you pick a Marine, you can still upgrade the skills that the Engineer gets a lot to start of with. The graphics are pretty decent, and the flow of the game goes pretty well as you descend further into "The Pit" to try to find a cure to a major epidemic. The audio fits well with the sci-fi backdrop and I really enjoy how smooth the game runs. Overall if you are interested in a challenge in this latest rogue-like dungeon crawler in the SOTS universe with lots of item drops and other kewl features, give this a try. I am glad I did and it really gets addicting.


Interesting sequal to the first Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Bigshrimp | March 12, 2013 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 - PC

I think it is a somewhat decent sequel. It has a significant improvement on the graphics, sound, and AI. The graphics engine is based on the CryEngine 3 from Crytek. It seems after playing it for a few hours that you can see that they tried to listen to the fans of the first one. I think they did a good job with the menus this time as well as the sniper experience. It really gives you a better experience all around, even if it is linear throughout the game. The multiplayer is a little buggy right now, but I am hopeful they will squash them bugs soon, I will give them some slack since the game was just released. The only other issue that can be a sore subject is the game length, it is only 5 hours or so. So after you finish it, you will be wanting a more bug free experience in multiplayer. Still not a bad game if you compare it the first.


Sci-fi that is part adventure, FPS action, and economic trading.

Bigshrimp | March 11, 2013 | Review of Space Trader (1) - PC

This game in my opinion is just ok. It could have used a lot more development on the graphics engine and some of the gameplay. The voice acting isn't all that great either. The trading portion is kind of fun and some of the shooting elements is not bad, but it just doesn't feel polished enough. Even a lot of the textures and graphics are reused, so you really don't get a lot of variety in that department either. The combat is just a little boring too, so it really is just an average shooter with some average trading elements. If you are looking for a triple AAA action or trading game, you may need to look elsewhere.


Interestingly atmospheric adventure game.

Bigshrimp | March 11, 2013 | Review of Scratches Steam - PC

This game is a pretty interesting and has well done horror elements. The voice acting is done decently and you get a good value for the price. I got this in a previous indie bundle and I can tell you that it was worth it for sure. The puzzles can be a little difficult, so you may need to look at a walkthrough, if you can't figure them out. This is a classic point and click adventure that really scared the hell out of me. If you are into horror adventure games, give this one a shot.


Great multiplay FPS with some unique variety.

Bigshrimp | March 11, 2013 | Review of Natural Selection II - PC

This is the sequel to the Half Life mod Natural Selection. I remember playing this when in beta and it has came a long way since. The premise of the game is that you are either an Alien or Marine and the goal is to take over resource points throughout the different maps available. The game has a learning curve that times to master, You are either a commander or one of the different aliens or marines that you can upgrade by taking the resource points on the map. Over time as you gain more of a foothold you get stronger units. It is like a tug of war of both teams are doing a good job fighting for the map points. Overall the graphics, map designs, and sound effects are pretty well done. The game is quite balanced and a lot of bugs have been stamped out. If you like multiplayer shooters with some unique variety, this is the game to try. Two thumbs up.


Decent multiplayer battle-royale platforming game.

Bigshrimp | March 5, 2013 | Review of The Showdown Effect - PC

The first thing I noticed about this game is all the funny cliches it uses, like the light saber from the pre-order. This game is a must for playing with your friends. I enjoy the deathmatches and all the over-the-top action is gives. Think of this game as the 2.5D equivalent to arena games of the 3D genre, like Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament, etc. But instead its based as a multiplayer platformer. This game has an in-game shop for cosmetic items that you can buy. All the heroes are pretty fun and different too. You can customize your heroes and weapons and you level up as well. Also the better you doing a match the better your chances of winning items to change the look of your character as well. Overall this game is amazing fun and I highly recommend it for some multiplayer carnage with some good humor thrown in.


Excellent upgrade to the classic Simcity we all know and love.

Bigshrimp | March 5, 2013 | Review of SimCity NA Origin - PC

They really did a great job with this game. It feels like the Simcity of old but a new modern polish. The UI is really easy to use and well done. All the elements of the user interface are layered well and you toggle options easily, without much fuss, it doesn't feel cluttered either. The game plays smooth and seems that it was well done in the QA department. They pulled out all the stops. Also the graphics look clean and crisp and portray all the buildings and other elements well. Overall this game is extremely addicting and hard to put down. Two thumbs up!


Tomb Raider re-imagined for a new generation.

Bigshrimp | March 5, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider - PC

Everyone that remembers the old Tomb Raiders know the classic feel of raiding tombs and surviving all the platform style challenges. This new game is more of a blockbuster and cinematic game compared to the games of old. This game gives you a look at her before she became the "Tomb Raider" in the older games. This game is more gritty and intense and tried to pull you in emotionally. The combat with the different weapons like the bow and gun are pretty fun. The upgrades seem to work well too. I really am enjoying the single player experience. The multiplayer seems like a throw away, doesn't have any value to me. It seems boring and does not feel very balanced. I would only recommend playing this for the single player in my opinion. Overall this is a totally great singler-player game and I highly recommend it for what it is; if thinking of other games similiar to it, I would think of Uncharted especially. It has the same feel as those games to me.


All the Tomb Raider games in one except the new one.

Bigshrimp | March 3, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Ultimate Bundle - PC

You can't go wrong with having all the classic and newer Tomb Raider games. The old ones 1 through 6 haven't aged well, but they are still classics and decent games. You can get a lot of game time and value still out of them. The newer ones, like Anniversary, Legend, and Underworld have aged pretty well; really decent games. The graphics and gameplay are really decent and I enjoy them a lot. Underworld even works with the Xbox 360 controller as well. I would recommend this bundle if you are a die hard Tomb Raider or if you are big into nostalgia gaming. If not, I would just buy the last three.


A major dissapointment.

Bigshrimp | Feb. 7, 2013 | Review of Command Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight Origin NA - PC

They completely changed the core gameplay of the series with this game. Ruining it for their fans; there is no base building, no resource management, and it just feels bland. The basic strategy is just make your units attack the enemy. You still get the cheesy cutscenes you are used to, but the gameplay is just horrendously bad. Even the unlocks in the game are terribly ineffective. I really have a hard time giving this anything but a 40 or below since it dissapoints so much. Its odd that C&C3 was such a good Command and Conquer game and decide to change everything that made it so good just to annoy and tarnish the series in such a bad way. I would definately recommend a pass on playing this game.


Great beginning of a horror shooter series.

Bigshrimp | Feb. 7, 2013 | Review of Dead Space Origin - PC

I can only say good things about this game. You start the game boarding a planetcracker (a ship that mines planets), when things go horribly wrong. You soon discover that you are now in a claustrophobic environment with creatures trying to kill you called Necromorphs. Overall if you like being scared and dispatching your enemies in gory ways, this game will fulfill those wishes. It keeps a tense feeling as you progress through the game and its myriad of small puzzle elements. It is hard to get lost, since you have the option to find your way with a feature that draws a line to your next destination. It isn't a really difficult game, but it draws you in after you get passed the middle part of the game, which kind of drags out. Graphics and audio are topnotch, and I couldn't find any bugs while playing it. Well worth the price the admission, if you like horror action games, give this game a try, you will not be dissapointed.


Average shooter that misses its mark.

Bigshrimp | Feb. 7, 2013 | Review of Medal of Honor Warfighter NA Origin - PC

This game feels like a rushed incohesive shooter. The multiplayer is buggy and the single-player campaign is confusing and doesn't even get interesting till near the end of the campaign. They put a lot of effort into the visual and audio of the game but doesn't help the bad issues with the story and other factors that make it feel like you are playing a terrible FPS. You will find a lot of cliches and other elements that make you want to cringe. Also the bugs can deter from the enjoyment as well. The AI is terrible and you can tell that with some bugs you encounter that they didn't even test the game fully before publishing it. The multiplayer is kind of fun but is pretty imbalanced as well. I would definately recommend passing on this, since there are a lot of better FPS options out there right now.


Fun stealth puzzler.

Bigshrimp | Feb. 7, 2013 | Review of Warp NA Origin - PC

This is a fun stealth puzzle game that is a console port using the unreal 3 engine. The keyboard and mouse controls have a lot of be desired, I would highly recommend an xbox 360 controller. With that being said, you will enjoy the game much more. This game is quite violent, so you may need to judge if your kids should play this. The game can be hard at times, but it is still worth playing. You also get upgrades which gives it a feel of an RPG. It also has alternate endings. I definately would recommend it if you like a funny, interesting RPGish, puzzler with stealth elements.


In space, no one can hear you scream!

Bigshrimp | Feb. 7, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3 Limited Edition NA Origin - PC

Who doesn't like the dead space games? I really think they did a great job on the first and the second, and now the third. Its different with the co-op, since you can play as carver which is present in the single player campaign. The gameplay is mostly the same, but you can now modify and craft weapons. The story continues from the last two games as well, which is pretty much the same stuff you would expect. The graphics settings don't do much, so you basically get the same experience you would get from the PS3 and Xbox games, except the HD resolution of your monitor. Overall this is what you would expect from a high production dead space game of its predecessors before it. Very enjoyable game from beginning to end, still scared me to death (maybe no literally, or I would become a necromorph!)


Very enjoyable racing game.

Bigshrimp | Feb. 7, 2013 | Review of Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box NA Origin - PC

I really thought that this racing game was well done. The graphics are nice, the racing is fast paced and exciting. It has lots of different sandbox style races that vary depending on how you want to race. Lots to do and lots to see in Paradise City. Only issue is that they stopped a lot of the bonuses that you get online for completing certain parts of the game. The multiplayer still works last time I checked, which is quite fun too. Welcome to Paradise City. I hope you enjoy your stay.


Interesting action game.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Red Faction Armageddon - PC

Red Faction Armageddon is simply a fun game overall. The engine they use for this allows for some awesome destruction. You can destroy almost anything in the game. The graphics are well done and the carnage that ensues is great to the core. The story is a tad cliche but it doesn't ruin the game. The weapons are mostly interesting as well. I enjoyed the game's single player and the DLC is kind of short but sweet. Give it a shot, you will most likely enjoy it. 1 and a half thumbs up.


Arena style online shooter.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Nexuiz - PC

I personally thought that this game needs more polish to contend with Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament games. I got it when it first came out and was really buggy and hard to get into. The mutators were very confusing and it was really hard to find your targets because of the motion blur and other aspects. The weapons seemed quite boring as well, I would have a hard time figuring what they did and how they were best used. Also the matchmaking seemed severely unpolished and overall it game me a headache after playing it awhile. I really just wanted to play UT2004 or UT3 over this game. It may have been patched and be a better game now, but I am afraid to give it another try now. Who knows, I may get back to it someday, but I am may not. 1 thumb down. :(


Just a couple of weapons and some extra credits.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution Tactical Mission Pack - PC

The credits are mostly useless in the later part of the game, helps you get started at the beginning though. The Double Barrel shotgun is nice as well as the sniper rifle. The DLC for the weapons is a nice addition to the game. I would buy this DLC only when it is on sale though.


Small mission and a couple extra weapons.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution Explosive Mission Pack - PC

The extra weapons adds a little spice to the game. The rescue mission is a little short but sweet. Other than that, it just adds a little to the game, but its pretty cheap anyways, so not much to complain about. I would recommend buy the DLC when it is on sale, since there really isn't too much added to the game from it.


In the same style of action as the Serious Sam games.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Painkiller Black Edition - PC

This is a brainless action game where you killed dozens upon dozens of enemies in a hardcore shooter. Purely action like the Serious Sam games. The premise is basically that you are thrown into hell to kill hell's demons. It is a straightforward action title that won't disappoint if you are into those kind of games. Graphics and sound fit this game well and the atmosphere and gore compliment it as well. Give it a try, its really pretty decent.


Well polished Action-Adventure game.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Bastion - PC

This game is extremely well polished for an indie designed game. You can tell by playing through it that they put a lot of effort in the story, the art style, the voice actors, and even the music. You will have a hard time putting this game down once you start it up. It really is just one of the most interesting games you can play and will make you feel like you are part of the story by how it sucks you in so well. Give it a try, you will not be dissapointed in the slightest.


Good action RPG.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Sacred 2 - PC

If you liked the first Sacred, then you also loved Sacred 2. It has better graphics, more content and lots of action. If you are into Diablo, Torchlight and other loot driven action RPGs then this game will satisfy you as well. Lot of options to build your character and so many quests to go through, good sound quality music and effects. Overall a decently polished game that I would not recommend passing up on. Two thumbs up. PS. I hope they make a Sacred 3 in the future.


Good game singleplayer or Co-op

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA post - PC

I like the game a lot, it has a lot of the same as the first Borderlands. The protagonist is awesome and the voice actor that plays him is really good at portraying him as a maniacal evil overlord. Great humor and action all around, and very well polished. If you like loot driven shooters, this is the game to get. You will love playing with friends and it also bumps the challenge up the more players are in your co-op game. I would recommend this to anyone that loves a good challenge and lots of loot.


Fun game if you like Heroes of Might and Magic games.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Kings Bounty Warriors of the North - PC

If you have played King's Bounty: The Legend or King's Bounty: Armored Princess, you will get more of the same, but with a different story. Some of the spells are the same, as well as the characteristics of the hero choices. But overall its a refreshing addition to the series. There are some bugs that are getting squashed with beta updates but you may run into one while you are playing it. I had on particular bug when I was playing it that was causing it to crash on me. Once a new patch came out, I had to restart the game from the beginning to resolve it and the bug didn't reappear. Overall its a fun game and I would recommend it if you like these type of games.


Excellent Indie Shooter

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Hard Reset - PC

Most indie games are light on production value, which this game is not. Hard Reset is a well thought out game that reminds you a little of games like Serious Sam but with a cyberpunk feel. The story is confusing and not laid out well, but the action makes up for it. Definitely a game worth try and you will not be dissapointed. Great gem of a game and you will want to finish it all the way to the end. They even added more levels to give you more game play that wasn't originally in the game at the beginning when it first came out. Give it a shot, you will love it.


Great game, DSFix mod needs to resolve bad port issues.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

This is an excellent game, that runs better on the PC than on the Playstation 3. It is extremely challenging and gives you a sense that you will die at any moment. You have to be worried that you will lose all your souls when you die and when you do die, you have to attempt to get your souls back. You need a controller to play this game well, also you need DSFix mod to get the best quality graphics on the PC. Online can be a tad odd, if you have a laggy connection. Overall though, this game will be worth every bit of money you spend on it, and you will feel happy getting past the next difficult part in the game. Definitely worth buying, two thumbs up!


Unpolished port

Bigshrimp | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (1) - PC

I played all 3 games and it brought back nostalgia but the network code and graphics engine seem to be the worst aspects of this game. It still has the original gameplay but it just doesn't play like the originals. It also has GFWL which makes it buggy compared to other online clients, which may be the reason that it lags so much in online play. Overall I still like the game, just seems they could have done a lot better, like real widescreen support and smoother online play.


Coop is what this game is good for.

Bigshrimp | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

If you really want to have a good time with this game, try playing with friends in co-op, single player is ok but not worth it to enjoy the game fully. I thought they did a good job keeping to the storyline of the LOTR games and used the assets well, but could have used a better engine to give it more polish.