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Average at best

Billus_08 | Dec. 17, 2013 | Review of DiRT 3 - PC

Overrated an not as good as its predecessor. It is rather dumbed down for the masses and this is noticable with it's "intuative" triangle menu system. Gone is the caravan and the race paddock, map and everything else that made YOU feel like the driver. The courses are more or less the same (I'd say 8 unique tracks from memory) making the game highly repetetive thorughout the 4 stages plus the additional focul ones. Online is a mixed bag with many turning the game into destruction derby and there's no way of choosing a local server with the whole automated system. The only saving grace for this game is its dedication to the rally aspect of racing and fancy DX11 visuals.


A nice refresh

Billus_08 | Dec. 17, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

This is exactly what Tomb Raider needed urgently as the series was getting stale and recent games have been quite disappointing, if not just plain boring. Welcome to Tomb Raider 2013. Graphics wise, this game is quite breathtaking with all those DX11 bells and whistles. A new technology called TressFX also makes an appearance but is somewhat a letdown with its unrealistic and unnatural physics and nice performance hit. Tomb Raider is an enjoyable affair with a story somewhat comparable to Far Cry 3's, but with characters that you may actually like. The story is quite immersive and draws you in as you witness Lara's struggle on the island as well as the indulging background story on the characters and the island. However, players who don't enjoy quick time events and long uninvolved cinematics may struggle to enjoy this game as Tomb Raider heavily utilises them. Gameplay wise, the game incorporates stealth mechanics as well as imaginative ways on taking on the bad guys and the level itself, although, this was destroyed by the game by encouraging players to look for hidden items which I found to be quite distracting and takes away from the mood and seriousness of the game. At times I found myself wondering across an area after defeating enemies just looking for these items. The game could have easily done without these pesky annoyances and truth be told, the game would have been a lot better. At the very least, these should have been omitted from the campaign and placed when replaying. At this time of writing, the game was not configured for those with SLI or Crossfire systems. It provides avid amounts of options/settings as well as PC based resolutions which will be a sigh of relief for PC gamers. For those preferring a mouse and keyboard may want to give this choice of weaponry a second look as this game is not at all made for this demographic. I played this using a PS3 controller which is far more suited for this game but a Xbox or similar will easily suffice. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone even if you have never played a Tomb Raider game before. The story is enjoyable and the gameplay fun. And for this price, the game is well worth it.


Cheap but awesome fun!

Billus_08 | Dec. 17, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez Gunslinger Steam - PC

Stanley Parable combined with Wild West action. Yes please! Meet Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, a narated FPS that is hellbent on giving you perhaps the most story driven FPS in history. From the start, you are plumeted right into the thick of the story with the main character retelling his version of certain legends at a pub. I won't say anymore about the story as the game is only 6 hours long, so it's difficult to explain without leading to any possible spoilers. Gameplay is fast paced and very well ballanced. Enemies are varied enough to keep you entertained for the 6 hour journey. Duels are tense, can be challenging but tend to be satisfying. Just make sure you aren't too trigger happy. The environments are varried which is quite pleasing and helps progress the story. I find it fairly difficult to point out any flaws in this game. The play time may seem short to some but I see it as a game you will want to finish in a single session. For its price it sure is a difficult game to flaw. Overall, this game certainly amazed me as I wasn't expecting much (particuarly a budget game from Ubisoft) so I was pleasantly surprised the moment I started playing. The story itself is definately the strong point of the game. That being said, the shooting mechanics is also very enjoyable and I will say that this is a game that should not be missed. I give it a 9/10.