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A Mix

BingeBaby | June 27, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

If you're in the mood to slay some zombies and aren't that all into what the game plots or story lines, it works. The graphics are on the high end, although not perfect, still worth looking at. However it tends to be a bit repetitive and lacks a real substance to make an excellent game. The co-op adds a little bonus to your zombie hunting. It's always a little better to be with a friend while cutting some heads off, and it's easy to continue the quest line with one another. I would recommend this game more for the co-op experience, as the repetitiveness gets boring with out a companion.



BingeBaby | June 27, 2012 | Review of Mafia II - PC

For me this game had a lot of ups and downs. I enjoyed the plot, it was detailed and had a lot to it. However, despite that, like a lot of others, I found it to be short. There were side missions and such that could be played out, but I found them repetitive and not worth playing, as there isn't really much to save up for in the game. I also found myself annoyed with it at times, but for the most part it was well developed. The graphics were a high for this game though, everything was clear and smooth and nothing was harsh on the eyes. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to this game, there were certain parts I remember enjoying, such as the smoothness of the driving in this game or the range of shooting experiences. For the most part though, there wasn't much outside of the plot game play that would make it worth redoing again. If you enjoy this type of genre, I would recommend it, it certainly lived up to it's moneys worth, I just wouldn't except anything over the top from it.