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Another great addition to an already amazing franchise.

BlackZero123 | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

Battlefield 4 is a perfect addition to the series. The graphics really are as good as they'd have you believe, and the levolution scenes are simply breathtaking (almost to a fault). When you first start playing you might find yourself captivated by everything that's happening around you to the extent that you got killed while looking around. In terms of gameplay, you'll have a slight learning curve. Mind you, this isn't a bad thing. Movement will seem, at first, to be slightly slower, but you'll quickly realize that you couldn't be further from the truth. The weapons also handle a bit differently (more accurate), but just like with BF3 you'll get the hang of it fairly quick. The vehicles are back in full force, and incredibly fun to use. The new aquatic vehicles are particularly fun as is the new air support. The reinvention of Commander mode is also a really nice touch. They play a much more integral part than initially mentioned in all of the trailers, and can be a huge asset to any team. If you are a fan of the series you probably don't need a lot of prodding, but for anyone that might normally pick up a game from the COD series you should really consider getting in on the BF4 bandwagon. Yeah it's a different DRM, but that doesn't spell the end of the world.