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How it's fun to survive!

Blueiceseven | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of How to Survive - PC

I love ! I finally found a game that is similar to the concept of my ideal game! Sure, it has flaws : already personally , I prefer FPS I find more immersive than GST. Then, several minor problems are related to the fact that it is slightly too typical "arcade" for my taste. Oh, this also something I often critical when this is the case , we feel that the game originally designed for consoles ! It is very playable but some adjustments have been made ​​for keyboards like the system to choose the "gadgets" . My balance is quite positive : typed survival arcade game , mixing a dasn GST ideas came from Left For Dead and Dead Island different zombies inspired by the series of LFD and its atmosphere, with a day / night cycle and creatures night vision and sometimes throwing hordes mass on you! (well, of course , not the same size as LFD , at least solo ) , and the crafting system of weapons to stay in zombie games , I mentioned that the DEAD Island but further , although there have no means improved his arms once crafte ( though so ... but shhh ! ^ ^) . I think the short game , although after ten hours I am not yet at the end , and perhaps a little too easy BUT , there is a "but" ! ^ ^ For what is life , the game features three characters with some different skills, there is a co-op mode , challenges to achieve and collectibles . And what is the difficulty , there is a game mode " hardcore " , the Iron Man fashion (and here it's about me ^ ^ ) . Finally , here , I love it, good fun game , cheap (even with 30% discount if you do not wait too long ) so I want to say: What else ?