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Good Horror Game

Bobfried2 | Sept. 12, 2012 | Review of Condemned Criminal Origins - PC

At first I was not sure what to think of this game. I have heard of it. Heard it's supposed to be really scary. So 2 weeks ago I actually bought it since it was only 9.95, and the money was well worth it. You're playing an FBI Agent and have to search for a serial killer who killed your fellow Detectives. With your own Gun. You'll spend most of the time in dark underground settings, searching for clues to find the killer, and prove your innocence. I have to admit, it really scared me at times. The creepy atmosphere, the freaky characters and the brutal fights accompany you throughout the game. All in all it's a good game which has a few (minor imo) flaws. The biggest one being that the game forces you to actually pick up another weapon to progress further. Graphics - 7/10 They're old but fit the game perfect. Gameplay - 9/10 It plays smoothly but combat can feel a bit notchy at times. Story - 8/10 Some people actually think that the story is the biggest weakness, but I didn't think so at all. While I didn't care about proving the innocence of my character, (who is in my opinion not really interesting) it was putting the pieces together to solve a mystery. Give it a go if you like creepy and athmospheric games, and don't mind violence.