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An exceptional story with fun game attached.

BobsYurUncle | May 17, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

Most games leave story as an afterthought. The Walking Dead by Telltale, on the contrary, puts it to the forefront. As Lee Everett, you are challenged to use your wits and cunning to survive the zombie apocalypse. The story, voice acting and writing are all exceptionally presented. Beyond this you have a varied cast of characters which you will meet along the way. Some will become companions, others will be lost to the many hazards. The visuals do the graphic novels justice but there are times where some noticeable concessions were made. The game could have benefited from better facial animation but it still manages to deliver an amazing, heartfelt story. The gameplay of The Walking Dead varies in terms of player activity. Some episodes are more puzzle driven than others, which to me were the highlights. Others will have you sitting back as if you were watching a movie with minimal player interactivity. While this doesn't mean that it's not enjoyable, it would have been nice to see more gameplay in each bite-sized episode. The game will take you roughly 10 hours to beat with a moderately high replay value, just to see all the possible outcomes. It is highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of the graphic novels, television show or adventure games in general.