Reviews by BossZW


Is your squad ready?

BossZW | Sept. 26, 2013 | Review of XCom Collection - PC

I spent countless of hours on these games and for a good reason. Get ready if you launch those to spend a lot of your time trying to stay alive, while keeping your little guys alive. You'll need to think, try again, level up your team to be able to enjoy every victory. X-Com: enemy unknown, the last of the bunch, is really polished, mature and rich, offering you a great graphic engine, without much compromise over what the last titles had to offer. Gathering new tech, positioning your guys and spending your money in new structures and weapon is essential to be able to fight back the invasion and those tasks never feel tedious or boring. If you still hesitate to buy this pack because you fear of being sucked in... you're surely right! Otherwise, don't be afraid and embark on a great experience you won't regret!


May the Death ben with you!

BossZW | Sept. 24, 2013 | Review of Darksiders II and Season Pass - PC

Fan of the first game, of slaying hundreds of enemies with the might of War, I can't explain myself why it took me so long to begin this second entry in the franchise. You probably heard already about the story by others reviews of players so all I'll say is: buy this game! If you liked the first one, let's just say that this one is better in every way and bring more elements to the table. It feels fresh while giving you what made the first game so good in the first place and this is the kind of game that keeps me coming for more until the end... or until the next dlc!