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Total war lives on!

Brachra | Nov. 2, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

Let me just start saying that while Total war Rome II may not have been the biggest success, and even though it was definitely big enough in terms of hype it did not fail completely. If you can get past the general quality of buggy gameplay, the lack of optimization and seemingly terrible graphic textures no matter what hardware you are currently using, Rome II is a great game, or at can be. Lets Begin with the campaign, I thought it was a refreshing new addition to redo the campaign mechanics, I felt the older versions to be boring and slow. They managed to fit a fun and easy to manage system into the new campaign mechanic and allow users to know at all times what was going on, the only complaint I have with the map screen so far? It too is horribly slow and buggy. Now for the gameplay, This is where the game excels...oh did I say excels? I mean Should excel; the battles are great, the first thing myself and many others notice when starting up a battle for the first time is the fact that your soldiers move much quicker and respond to commands quickly. Whereas in the previous games a command would be given and it would take a few seconds to register. The fights themselves are great to watch and tactics usually do need to be applied but I find again that the buggyness and lack of optimization makes the entire point of the game fail as it currently stands, it is all around unenjoyable after a period of time because it will literally force the player to stop what he is doing and obsess over the fact that his game not only looks like its 10-12 years old, but it also runs terribly. I am rating Rome II with an 85 because you do have to take it for what it is. A great product with a poor release. They should have left this one in development for a bit longer before shoving it out into the public, but hey given time maybe they will fix all of their mistakes and our purchase wont be in vain.