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Braeden162 | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

The NEWEST installment in the Battlefield series, and a great one at that. The graphics are through the roof, and the gameplay is stellar. The campaign, unlike other Battlefield games, was actually very intriuging, and the plot was relatively gripping. The final choice at the end was very well done. But the multiplayer is where it's at! The way that you don't unlock guns just by upping your overall rank is a great change since there were always people in Battlefield 3 that had amazing guns all around just because they had been playing for a long time even if they suck at the game. Also the XP-Boosts unlocked via Battlepacks give XP-grinding a much easier twist, but you have to be careful about when you are going to use them. There are a few bugs in the multiplayer with your lient or the server crashing from time to time, but those will be ironed out very soon because DICE has addressed these issues and are working on a patch as we speak. This game is great buy, I also recommend purchasing Premium with the game to get in on the weekly small DLCs for Premium members.