Reviews by Brenski47


Above Average Game!

Brenski47 | May 7, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 6 - PC

Most big reviewers have been saying that this is a horrible game, well, it's not!! It's not spectacular, yes its different from the other Resident Evil games, but that doesn't make it bad!! That just makes it appeal to different people! This game is mostly a big action game now, but the game mechanics are good, story is interesting, if a little discombobulated, game play and enemies are awesome and creepy, and the controls with a controller anyway, are awesome! In my opinion the only bad parts of the game, is the over reliance on quick time events, and the cover system. Quick time events are used throughout the game, including one that is in place of what could have been a cool boss fight, where (with a controller) you have to wiggle the left stick before time runs out, then press RT, and that pushes the boss a little, I had to do that 8 times, and I tried the fight 3 times, so I did it well over 10 times, and it was really annoying. If you've played the older Resident Evil games and thought they were kinda slow, this is the perfect game for you! If you prefer the old school survival horror, then this isn't the game for you, but just cause you don't like it, doesn't make it bad!!


Best Devil May Cry Ever!!

Brenski47 | April 13, 2013 | Review of DMC Devil May Cry - PC

Note before you keep reading I only played DMC 3 and 4, so if you are just saying to yourself, that the original was better, stop whining and leave. Now, DmC Devil May Cry is a great game, there are way more combos and weapons than DMC 4, and the story is a lot more interesting, the style of the game and of Dante is amazing. The only problem is it is a little short, I was able to beat it on Devil Hunter difficulty in about 7 hours, but with 7 difficulty levels and tons of collectibles and now with the vergils downfall dlc out, it has given me well over 60 hours of gameplay. If you're a fan of DMC, play this game, so what if its not your old precious Dante, just play it and stop whining. If you've never played a DMC game, then definitely play this, you won't regret it!!


Topped the orignal!

Brenski47 | April 13, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

This game is amazing, it is better than the first and second, and is worth being played by EVERYONE, even if you're not a gamer, PLAY THIS GAME. The gameplay is very addictive and varied, the skyline brings a whole new way to fight, and the story is very interesting, granted, very confusing, but still very very good. This game is amazing, but its not perfect, like everyone is saying it is, it is a really good game, going back to the time of Half-Life 1 and 2, instead of mindless shooting in Call of Duty and Halo. There is nothing that special about the game though, its really really good but its not perfect, that said, still you should definitely play this game!