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Far Cry 2. Good fun with some odd design choices.

Brotacon | Aug. 23, 2011 | Review of Far Cry 2 - PC

At £10 you really can't go wrong here. The game has some really interesting systems for managing things such as health and ammo, and it succeeds in being very immersive. The characters you befriend in the game will sometimes come to help you when you're stuck in a jam and I remember the first time this happened to me was frankly awesome. The world is fairly large and traversing is is refreshing and rewarding. Or at least it would be if it weren't for the checkpoints. I understand the need to keep the environment hostile and the game engaging. I don't understand why after clearing out a camp full of baddies on my way to the mission point should I have to repeat myself should I happen to pass by again five minutes later. It really breaks the feeling of accomplishment that you get for engaging in a heated firefight and whilst other games are also guilty of respawning enemies, it is never so painfully obvious as it is in Far Cry 2.