Reviews by Bytrine


Pretty good

Bytrine | Dec. 2, 2013 | Review of Shelter - PC

Who knew in an era where Zombie Survival games are coming out left and right, a lone badger simulator survivor game would release. This game is very unique and I haven't enjoyed it as much as I should. You are a badger and you must take care of your offspring by feeding them and making shelter. But that's not the only danger, there are various animals who would love to eat your kids. If I could be a badger trying to survive with offspring, this is how i would imagine it. Great work, and definitely worth trying out.


A decent spy RPG

Bytrine | Dec. 2, 2013 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

Alpha Protocol is a decent spy RPG but it just doesn't hit it. The story is pretty well written. However, there are so many bugs and texture rendering problems it takes away from being immersed in this game. The combat is horrible and sometimes you'll peak out and get one shotted in the face, but when you do that to an AI, it doesn't work out. I wouldn't want to see a large series of the game, but maybe a sequel that fixes all of the errors in the game and have it actually finished.


The best game I've ever played

Bytrine | Dec. 1, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition Bethesda - PC

Don't let the nay-sayers get to you when they say how horrible this game is, and how overrated it is. Because, quite simply, they're wrong. The game is visually stunning and HUGE which creates for a lot of gameplay time. Not only that, the game is so well detailed that it is what you'd expect vikings to look, live, and feel like - as if you were alive during norse times. Aside from fantastic looking graphics, the game has a lot of possibilities combat wise. Want to wield sword and shield? Go ahead. Maybe just a sword? Maybe two swords? Maybe even a greatsword? Or a sword and spell? Go for it. There are so many weapon combinations I could get lost. There is a lot of equipment for you to scavenge for! The spell animations and spell variety are astounding, too - it's virtually limitless. To top off having swords and spells and armor, you have an ability to "shout". Which is basically you yelling and a power happens based on whatever "shout" you have equipped - and there are a TON of shouts that you can upgrade three times. This game has so much to do, it's as if it is a Grand Theft Auto based on fantasy. You have all your side missions which can accumulate up to 100+ hours of gameplay, then you have your guild missions which accumulate up to 300+ hours of gameplay, then you finally reach the main quest which is about 50+ hours of gameplay. It's almost endless! However, there are a few niches in this game, too. You get a lot of bugs and glitches in this game, which is understandable, but is still inconvenient. Animations to attacks and parries are stiff, too which is unfortunate. You also have a really shallow, poorly written, boring main storyline which doesn't draw you in at all, and forces all the side activities to make up for it. Which isn't really good because story is what makes a game. Lastly, your decisions DO NOT AFFECT THE GAME WORLD AT ALL. How can you call this an RPG when you defeat the stormcloaks or imperial army and the general populace believes its still going on? And how no one ever comments on the fact the civil war is over? And wouldn't you think whatever side you chose, more of the faction would come and government would change? Especially the world in itself? The game IS good, but has many loopholes and flaws which could easily be fixed and improved if Bethesda was to partner up with BioWare and use their writers, cinematics, and animations.


Fun, but has it's shortcomings

Bytrine | Dec. 1, 2013 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

Mafia II is a very wonderfully made game. It looks great, feels great, and has a really good story. Not only that, but the voice acting is really good, as well. Whilst playing through the game, I felt like I was in the Mafia, and I felt as if I was actually doing all of the dirty work that was required in the early 1900's mob. It's very action-packed and you will fall in love with this game! However, towards the end it just seems as if the developers dropped an anchor and it slowed to a crawl and then lost it's way. It's a good game, but has a few major issues, You should still atleast rent the game and play it that way.


A must own,

Bytrine | Nov. 29, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 NA - PC

I've played Farcry 2 and wasn't so impressed with the game. However, Farcry 3 was so amazing, I loved every moment of it. In fact, I felt honored to play such a well done game. Not only is this game visually stunning (Like Skyrim with Guns), the story is so enthralling and immersing, all the villains you encounter I felt like killing myself! In fact, when you actually kill them, you feel as if you have done it yourself! It's so interactive. From the first few minutes into the game, you realize crap has gotten real and you're in deep. This game will have you hooked from beginning to end. Buy it!


One of the best,

Bytrine | Nov. 29, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect NA Origin - PC

Mass Effect is one of those games I've played over and over again, and still haven't seen all of the outcomes. You play as Commander Shepard and are quickly thrown into a universe where an impending universal apocalypse is imminent. You and those of your choosing are sent to battle the threats, but only no one of importance believes you. In this game, you choose how you want to play and no other. The emotions you feel are what keep you coming back for more! This is a must buy game that lacks decent combat, but opens you up to the sequels!


Talk about classics!

Bytrine | Nov. 29, 2013 | Review of Portal - PC

This is a fantastic puzzle game that will get you hooked. Essentially what you're trying to do is complete various puzzles using two portal creators. One for creating them to go through, the other to teleport you to another section of a place. It gets immensely difficult and is a welcoming challenge for a player who likes to outwit a game. It's very charming and thrilling. However, there isn't really a story, notable characters, dialogue, or anything else but the completion of levels.


An interesting ride,

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of The Secret World NA Origin - PC

Though this game isn't widely known and didn't receive as many players as expected at launch, it certainly is worth playing. You are someone who is thrown into a world of myth, legend, and mystery. Imagine every nightmare, monster, and fairy tale were true, this is what The Secret World offers. You choose from a few factions which tailor the NPC's, weapons, and outfits. Though the combat is restricted to hotkeys, gets repetitive and boring, the visuals and cosmetics of the combat moves are done very well. However, you need a very good PC to play this. Which is rare for an MMORPG. Lastly, there are many varieties of weaponry and you have a lot of customization and flexibility with your skills and how you'd like to use them.


Play For Multiplayer

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

This game is very unique and fun... for multiplayer. You're thrust into a world of zombies and death and you and a few others must battle to survive. It's a very fun multiplayer experience with various maps and weapons. However, this game lacks decent graphics, stability, and can seem a bit stiff at times. It can also get repetitive and boring, and your level doesn't seem to really matter or effect you in a large way. But if you're willing to cooperate and use teamwork with friends, you'll have a fun time.


Best Medieval Sim Ever!!

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Mount Blade Warband Steam - PC

This game is fantastic. If you dislike the story, you'll definitely love the multiplayer gameplay! For the story, you choose your background, what you look like, and where you begin your story. Immediately you get a quest and can start creating an army of mercenaries to pillage and burn villages, or decimate armies. Ever wanted a Total War game where you control your army AND have your own avatar fighting alongside your troops? This game has it. There are many factions in this game whom you can choose to align yourself with, or you can become your own King by establishing a whole separate kingdom. However, people react to you differently depending on your back story and gender. Whether you're a Noble Man, woman, or peasant, it affects your story greatly. Multiplayer is definitely M&B's strong point. Not only can servers hold up to 200 people, there are so many game types. You are plunged into a battle of 200 soldiers and fighting to win, where everything can change in an instant. A unique feature in this game is it's fighting style. This isn't simply press a button and you make a special attack or anything. You choose which way to attack and block such as left, right, stab, or upper attacks. Which gets very difficult! You also have to block this way and anticipate which direction an enemy will attack from. If you thought this was all, you're wrong! This game has a VERY, VERY, active modding community. There are hundreds of mods to choose from, each with it's own flavor, and you're bound to find one you'll enjoy. Buy it! It's worth it!


Has it's ups and downs,

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Defiance Post - PC

When I first saw gameplay of this MMO, I was amazed. It's visually stunning, and looked fantastic. The combat is really great and parts from other MMO's greatly. There is a large community and a large array of weapons, armor, and other gear scattered throughout the world. However, there are many downfalls to this game. The voice acting and face animations are HORRIBLE. The faces seem so stiff when they speak, and the hand gestures and body movement does not go with whatever they're talking about. The voice acting doesn't always fit the character, and the dialogue is boring, confusing, and has many loopholes. This game also has quite a bit of bugs that can sometimes make this game unbearable to play. If you can play this game without caring for acting or animations, play for the combat as Trion Worlds hit it spot on.


The beginning of Total War!

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Rome Total War - PC

Rome: Total War is a bit dated, has poor graphics, and weird mechanics, but this doesn't cover Rome: Total War's awesomeness and enjoyment. This title is apparent to how awesome Total War is and really proves how the series has come so far. You get to choose between three roman families to conquer with, each having their pros and cons, but thats just the start! There is a Senate, a council that you can either have like you, or hate you, all based on the way you want to conquer and expand. The game is very broad ranging from construction types, populace's happiness, enemies, money, expansion... it has everything. However, it does have it's poor AI, bugs, glitches, and annoying voice actors. If you enjoy strategy games where you control EVERYTHING, play this. You will enjoy it.


The Best Assassin's Creed Yet!

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag NCSA - PC

This segment of the enthralling series will take you on a thrill ride. Ubisoft really took in the community's feedback and inserted all into this game. The character you play is likable, unpredictable, and humorous. While you play as a pirate, the main story as Desmond is also well done and molds into the story of Edward Kenway years previously. The game graphically is stunning and everything feels rich and vibrant and there are many things to do aside from main quests. I encourage buying this title!


A fantastic experience

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

This is one of the best RPG's I have ever played. Though it lacks the traditional RPG aspects such as side quests, loot, equipment, and free roam, it is heavily centered around story, dialogue, and literally every decision you make affects the world around you. You get many hard decisions in your journey to survive such as deciding who lives and who dies, what to do, where to go, and how to kill an enemy. Each action has it's own set of consequences and you will be enthralled in the storyline. This game was done perfectly, even during it's minor set backs that are in traditional RPGs. I strongly recommend you buy this title!


My Favorite Total War

Bytrine | Nov. 22, 2013 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

This may be the best Total War yet. You're a Shogun of a clan, one clan out of the many you get to choose from. Each clan has it's own set of perks and abilities which make you really think what you want to do as a leader. Not only that, you have two distinct paths to go down on. Want to follow the art of war? Or Chi? Well, each trait you unlock helps you. Issues? Well, the AI does get bugged out most of the time, sometimes the AI cheats on Naval Battles, and there is 'Realm Divide'. Realm Divide is when you get so much power all of the clans (Allies, Vassals, Enemies, Trade Partners) will turn on you. It's extremely hard, but there has been mods created to dumb down the effect. I recommend you buy this game, it's well worth it.