Reviews by Cakefish


Charming, beautiful and fun indie that should not be missed!

Cakefish | June 6, 2013 | Review of World of Goo - PC

The game is filled to bursting point with pure charm. The goo balls make great little funny noises when you interact with them and it's very satisfying to do so. The art design is wonderfully colourful and imaginative. Animations are sleek and smooth. The soundtrack is wonderfully catchy and upbeat. The whole game has a great vibe to it. The puzzle elements are cleverly designed and have a perfect difficulty curve, never at any point becoming frustrating. It's very satisfying when you finish a level and simply put, it's just pure fun, with the physics interactions that form the basis of the puzzles handling very nicely. Humour is even present in the game, through the wonderfully mysterious Sign Painter, whose narration and random thoughts on the task at hand will make you smile. All in all, a very feel-good game. The only downside is that the game is over too quickly and you are left longing for more!


A decent addition for fans of the game

Cakefish | June 5, 2013 | Review of SimCity Amusement Park Pack - PC

This a decent enough addition for SimCity, adding a theme park plot for use in any city in the main game. Just like the rest of the buildings in the game, the theme park has a great aesthetic style and is nicely animated. This content is clearly aimed for cities specialising in tourism. It is very customisable and you can lay out your theme park any way you see fit. Reminds me of the Theme Park World games in a lot of ways and those titles were always enjoyable. Whether it adds enough content to justify the price depends on whether you have a city (or cities) that specialise in tourism and how much you enjoy the core gameplay of SImCity. In the same way as the main game, there definitely is fun and enjoyment to be had from the addictive nature of setting up your own theme park anyway you like and customising it to no end!


Decent expansion

Cakefish | June 4, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3 Seasons - PC

One of the better expansions, it adds much needed variety to the game world with each season graphically represented and new interactions between the sims and their environment is now possible. Weather and climate are actually simulated, you won't be able to go back, it makes the constant sunniness of the pre-expansion world stand out like a sore thumb. New interactions range from an egg hunt in spring, swimming in the sea in summer, carving pumpkins & raking leaves in autumn and building snowmen in winter. You have the option to change the duration of seasons to suit your preference. However, this expansion shares the same flaw of all other sim expansions; namely the content doesn't feel enough to justify purchasing at full price. If the game is on sale then it is highly recommended for owners of The SIms 3.


A journey not to be missed!

Cakefish | June 3, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

With a storyline better than most blockbuster films and a believable cast of characters that you actually care about (and some you will despise) this game is easily one of the greatest games I've ever had the pleaaure to play. The ending will just blow you away and stay on your mind for a long time afterwards. I haven't come across a game which has such brilliant voice acting since Portal 2 and this is helped along by a fantastic, emotional script. A masterpiece in video game storytelling - this has set the bar for years to come. I'm not usually a fan of point & click adventure games but this game should be experienced by anyone and everyone - no one should give this a miss. A thrilling journey where your decisions directly affects the characters and events happening around you. Tons of replay value and a lengthy adventure from start to finish. Minor technical glitches aside, this game is perfection.


A good game but held back by limits of its handheld origins

Cakefish | June 2, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil Revelations - PC DVD

Revelations is a good game - no doubt. Everything that made the 3DS version so good is still here intact. Spooky atmosphere, lots of tension and suspense and frantic fights with gruesome monsters for your very survival - harking back to the origins of the series. However, unfortunately, this isn't a complete overhaul of the game engine, which is what Capcom really needed to do to give this game the justice it deserves on PC (and home consoles). The graphics, while outstanding for the 3DS are sub-par for what is expected from modern PC games - even though they admittedly have been upgraded, it isn't enough. Enemy AI is poor, which again, is a leftover constraint of the power limits of the 3DS - and there is little variety in the appearance or behaviour of monsters to fight. A good game but lacking in some much needed upgrades to make the game truly shine on PC.


Great value bundle for Valve's greatest franchises

Cakefish | June 1, 2013 | Review of HalfLife 2 The Orange Box - Xbox 360

A bundle containing some of Valve's greatest games - what's not to love? Half Life 2 was literally a game changer in the industry, its impact was so big. Why? Because it is easily one of the greatest games ever released - still to this day! The level design is spot on - cleverly integrating physics-based puzzles into the game's environment. The characters are some of the most 'alive' and believable in any videogame, ones you truly care about by the game's dramatic conclusion, helped along by great voice acting and scripting. The sound and art design perfectly conveys the mood and atmosphere and the graphics have aged well. Most important of all the game is simply a lot of fun to play and a truly memorable experience. Highly recommended for anyone who is remotely interested in video games. One of the true classics that every gamer should have the pleasure of experiencing at least once! The two episodes that follow are more of the same greatness while introducing new characters and enemies as well as carrying the engaging story forward. Portal was a risky concept for a video game - but one that paid off massively. A great game, albeit short (luckily it now has a sequel!), but wow what a ride! One of the best and lovable villains in video game history; humourous while genuinely threatening. The puzzles are fun and very clever. Really there is nothing else like it and so again, like Half Life 2, it is a game that no gamer should miss out on!


Borderline perfection!

Cakefish | June 1, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

This game is value for money. Many an hour I have given to playing the addictive formula of shooting the bad guys and unlocking newer, more powerful and wackier guns! It’s a great mix of the FPS and RPG genres. Improved in virtually every single way to its predecessor and there is quite literally nothing else out there which gives the same experience. It provides a humorous villain you love to hate, engaging fun gameplay and pretty visuals – especially if you have a high-end PC! Lots of opportunity to customise your game experience in both character appearance and combat/defensive skills. The game definitely is at its best when enjoyed in co-op mode – but there is still much fun to be had when playing single player. With lots of new content in the base game and DLCs (and with more still to come) there’s plenty of fun content to enjoy! Overall, a genuinely fun game – certainly recommended if you are a fan of the FPS or RPG genres.


Top-notch stuff

Cakefish | May 31, 2013 | Review of The Orange Box - PC DVD

It's the collection of games that started it all for me as a PC gamer. An absolute must-have for any gamer out there. The value is outstanding for amount of truly great content that you receive. Essentially a collection of Valves best franchises all-in-one. Half Life 2 & Episodes - quite possibly the greatest game of all time. The writing of the story & characters, the voice acting, the music & sounds, the level design & atmosphere, and the gameplay are all of exceptional quality that very few more recent games have managed to match let alone surpass. A hugely entertaining game which every person should have the pleasure to try out, whether they are fans of the FPS genre or not - anyone can appreciate the masterful design of this game. Portal - a highly original concept that is also extremely fun. It may be short but boy is it sweet. A brilliant villain who is excellently written and voice-acted. The puzzles are fun and it simply is a pleasure to reach the climactic ending of the game. The sequel just served to improve the formula even further but playing through this game is a must to truly appreciate where the series started and what made it so great to begin with. Team Fortress 2 - I cannot personally comment on this game as I have not played it (I prefer single player story-driven games) but the fact that many many many people are still playing it and that Valve continue to update it and add new content today 6 years after it's release can only show that it must be doing something right!


A hat-trick of perfection

Cakefish | May 31, 2013 | Review of Portal 2 - PC DVD

This game has three outstanding components that make it truly shine as 2011's best: 1) The gameplay - delightfully complex puzzles that have been expertly crafted. There is no other AAA game that offers the same experience (apart from the original game - and even then this game expands on the previous mechanics and introduces many new ones). Travelling through portals to solve the many puzzles is as fun as ever. 2) The writing - the game's main story involves only 4 main characters. But these characters are so well written and so well developed that even the robotic ones are 100x more engaging and 'alive' than the vast majority of other game characters, which are completely bland and dull in comparison. You grow to love these digital constructs for all their many humourous flaws. Speaking of which, humour is a major part of what makes this game so enjoyable to play, by far one of the genuinely funniest and entertaining games you'll ever play. Also, it is important to note that the ending is one of the most satisfying story conclusions in a videogame (or any storytelling medium for that matter) ever - and the journey to get there is full of clever twists and fun surprises along the way. 3) The voice acting - the voice acting for all characters is exceptional by video game standards. The voice actors truly bring the characters to life and enable the script to truly shine. Not for a second could you believe that these guys and gals weren't loving their time working on this game and you can tell that they put all of their efforts into producing the best performances they could. Of course, none of the above would be enough if the rest of the components of the game wasn't brilliantly crafted too. The visual design of levels and characters is fantastic. So is the music (especially at the ending which I mustn't spoil). Co-op mode adds an entire extra campaign to play through, with puzzles specifically designed to take advantage of the new potential mechanics that are made possible through multiplayer. Additionally, the game allows you to create your own levels, ensuring a never ending supply of new puzzles to try out, giving the game almost infinite replayability. In conclusion, this is Valve at their best, proving to us once again why they deserve being recognised as one of the absolute best game developers out there today. All I need now is Half Life 3!


GOTY 2013

Cakefish | May 31, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

An extremely well crafted game. Where do I begin? Presentation - while not the most technically advanced game on PC, the beautiful art style propels this game to one of the best looking games this year. The attention to detail is amazing, combined with stunning use of colour and scenery. Characters are expressive and are brilliantly designed. Environments are varied and atmospheric. The entire game exudes a level of care and polish not often seen in modern video games. You can tell the artists loved doing their work and letting their imaginations run wild. The music for this game is sublime, adding to mood and atmosphere when needed and often just outright beautiful and a pleasure to listen to. The voice acting is very well done too, making the characters believable and sincere in their actions and emotions. Top-notch presentation all-round, both in visual and audio design. Story - the highlight of the game. Irrational Games are masterful storytellers. The brilliant writing means that you care for the characters and fate of the world while never knowing what to expect next. The ending may seem confusing at first but ultimately is very satisfying once you understand and ties back into events of the game brilliantly well. A fantastic story which brings the in-game world to life and which could easily be a novel in itself, a very rare feat for modern video games. Gameplay - enjoyable combat, with a suitably wide array of weapons to choose from. Vigors enable you to mix up tactics during battles as you see fit to suit your play-style. If you enjoyed the gameplay of the previous BioShock games then you are guaranteed to enjoy this game. Overall - a very well made game, crafted with lots of skill and love. The story and characters stay with you long after you finish the game, which is a reasonable length for a modern-day FPS. The story will be extended in the future through multiple story-based DLC's, so there is even more to look forward to, but that's not to say this game lacks content - quite the contrary. The experience you get in this game is 110% worth the price. A must-own for fans of the BioShock series, and those people who enjoy story-driven games with a wide range of well-developed characters and fun gameplay - in the same vein as Half Life 2.


A very enjoyable game which I highly recommend!

Cakefish | May 31, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

A very enjoyable game, easily one of 2012's best. The graphics are bright and colourful, with lots of tweakable settings to suit a wide variety of PC's. The tropical island setting looks wonderful and character models are especially well animated. The story is fairly simplistic, yet effective at driving the game forward - but only at the pace you choose - you have the freedom to go anywhere at anytime. Some of the most fun in the game is exploring and hunting for the many wild animals that populate the islands or storming an enemy outpost whichever way you see fit. This is a game which allows you to play whichever way you want. Vaas is a great villain and standout character, wonderfully realised and brilliantly insane - you love to hate him. This game rewards progression by enabling you to upgrade your skills and weapons. I have spent many tens of hours and not yet seen half of what this game offers, it is huge. Definitely worth the money of you like FPS's and/or open world games. Just a lot of fun to play!