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What a fantastic game!

Calbo | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

I have been bored in these holidays all the game such as cod and fifa are getting boring and it is a wait until the next exiting games. Payday 2 was coming out so i thought i would buy it for an amazing price on GMG. In payday 2 you rob banks,shops and many other things which might seem pointless but there is alot more to it.After every job you get paid money, with this money you can spend it on things such as weapons,armor and customization. It is also a game where you can make friends with other people since it is co-op, but i would say it is better to play with your friends so you can mix out the different roles. All together the graphics are amazing and it is an overall game for fun, i have spent hours on it and it is interesting how you can do missions guns blazing or stealth. I would highly recommend this game if your are looking for a great shooter!!