Reviews by Camo260


Fun while it lasted

Camo260 | Aug. 17, 2013 | Review of Brink Nexway - PC

The idea behind this game was very good and it had a unique style of graphics. However, there was never really any difference between single player and multi player, it was basically just multi player by yourself with bots. For me it would have been great if there was actually a single player storyline instead of just the multi player with bots. The challenges could get frustrating at times but playing with friends and running, jumping and sliding all over the place was quite fun while it lasted. The game looked like it would have good customization of weapons and characters but in the end there wasn't much you could do. Overall this was and is a fun game to play around with friends but it will get boring faster then I'd like to admit


A cool MMO

Camo260 | Aug. 17, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

This game is not the same as any other MMO, Each weapon you use on a character has many different skills instead of just a single auto-attack.The world is large and vast and the scenery is great, it always a challenge to get to some of the vistas located on the map. When playing this you definitely have to try out World vs World where you hold territories on 4 maps from 2 other servers. You get to break through the gates of fortresses and castles using siege that takes team effort to construct. This is a cool mmo with a unique game style and added content like one time world events happening all the time.