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A surprising return to form

CanseiNebish | Aug. 30, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

The Deus Ex franchise has been absent from the gaming world for the past few years, and when Square Enix/Eidos announced a new game in the series was coming out I was a little worried. My concerns turned out to be unwarranted, this game is more than capable of carrying the Deus Ex name. The game play is extremely solid and ripe with the game changing decisions we've come to expect from the Deus Ex franchise. The game is not quite as complex as Deus Ex (1) but offers a far more dynamic game play than Infinity War. The level of interaction in the environment is limited but not limiting, and the graphics are a tad dated but none the less a beautiful game due to the well realized art direction and aesthetic,