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Levine Does It Again

Cathalbrugha | May 25, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

Bioshock Infinite is the third installment in the Bioshock franchise. While playing the first two games isn't required, it certainly helps you appreciate how far the franchise has evolved over time. Graphically, Bioshock Infinite is beautiful. Columbia comes to life around, the city is vibrant, the people are cheerful, and you can FEEL the Americana of it all. Meanwhile, down in the slums, you feel like you should wash your hands after picking up anything, the starving children make your heart ache, and it truly conveys a feeling of misery and squalor. Sound, the weapons sound great, the voice acting is superb, the music accentuates your entirely experience beautifully. Gameplay. The Bioshock franchise has always had good controls, aiming is quick, the plasmids are a unique addition to the combat. The enemies are varied, though the weapons feel sort of limited. There are two varieties of every weapon, the Founders' and the Vox Populi's. Here's an example of the variation: The Founders shotgun fires buckshot, like a normal shotgun would and carried... IIRC 2 shots before you have to reload. The Vox shotgun fires this big fire...ball....thing and only holds one at a time. There's your trade, do you want to set them on fire, or be able to shoot two targets before reloading? Unfortunately, the Founders and Vox weapons have different upgrade trees, and by the time you have found the Vox weapons you have probably already upgraded the Founders' weapons quite a bit. Story: It's amazing. I mean, it's so hard to really go further than that. It's amazing, you actually CARE about Elizabeth, and the story progresses in a very natural way with a very smooth flow from one part to the next. All-in-all, Bioshock Infinite was astounding. I highly recommend picking it up and playing it until you can quote the ending by heart.


Completely Outshines It's Predecessor

Cathalbrugha | May 24, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

Metro Last Light takes place a year after 2033, but it fills in the gaps between the two quite nicely. Visually: Metro: Last Light is beautiful. My computer could only handle playing the game on Low and it looked better than Bioshock Infinite on medium, Sound: The sound is masterful. I didn't play the game with English voice acting, due to the sketchy quality in the first game. The Russian voice acting, however, is astounding, some of the best I've heard in any game. Period. The atmospheric sounds are immersive, keeping you on edge when you're out in the wilds and calming, relaxing, homey even when you're in the cities. The weapons sound crisp, and loud, like a real Kalashnikov does. Story: The story is great, it's a different quest than the first game, obviously, but it's also a different kind of quest. Artyom's a ranger now, not just some nobody. You no longer feel like some anonymous kid wandering from station to station but a veteran which people pay heed to. Personally, I preferred the story of the first game, but I also read the book, which helped some of the internal monologue a bit. Gameplay: The stealth mechanics are back and they're great. Some of the enemies seem to drop after a few too many rounds to the chest, but that can be explained with body armour. My only real complaint with the gameplay, and the only reason the game gets a 90 instead of a 100, is the boss battles. Yes, there are boss battles. And these boss battles require to expend great amounts of ammunition, which sort of detract from the whole "money is currency. Oh, another downer is the new checkpoint system. All-in-all, I highly recommend the game for anybody who liked the first game, enjoys shooters or is just looking for an immersive title that sinks you neck-deep in the world it inhabits.