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Engaging Storytelling

Catlegs | Jan. 15, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

While I'm not normally one to choose games that focus so heavily on story and character development this game was a more than pleasant surprise. Having heard of both the series of books and television programmes that occur in the same universe as the games my interest was piqued. The familiar point and click adventure style game that has become the trademark of Telltale Games was a familiar sight but the concept of episodic gameplay chapters was not one I've personally encountered. The game taking you through the trials and tribulations of a small group trying to survive in a world overrun by undead has become a cliché unto itself in recent years, but with a gameplay format that does focus so much on player choice as well as character dynamics feels a lot fresher than the sometimes stale genre. This is a game where immersion and involvement are truly rewarded, placing yourself in the shoes of the protagonist and living through the, sometimes tough, choices pays dividends as opposed to a more distant approach that other games normally elicit. From a technical standpoint the game isn't revolutionary, it is a point and click format similar to other Telltale releases but that doesn't detract from the story that is told through the medium. With respect to the visuals The walking dead is a pretty game, with it's pastel and muted tones reflecting the comic book art-style that inspired it and doing a good job of maintaining a style that is visually appealing without trying to force realism or absurdity. The Walking Dead was game that was a pleasant surprise and I'd say worth a buy if you enjoy exploring stories and getting involved in characters. Just don't expect it to wow you with gameplay or challenge, it's an interactive story with branching choices and minor puzzle solving. The real challenge of the game lies in you making the tough choices for yourself