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Things will go wrong. [Patch v9.3]

ChaoticLaw | July 20, 2014 | Review of Teleglitch - PC

Teleglitch is a game which pushes rogue-likes into real time quite well. A departure from the typical turn based rogue-likes (which I do enjoy), there's an additional element of action, forcing you to act without having any time to plan your actions. The story is pretty typical with an experiment gone wrong, with the facility gone to hell. Aside from the monologue between levels, terminals are scattered through the randomly generated areas, with small bits and pieces to inform you of the various devices in the game, as well as things you can do to make your life more manageable. Graphically, this game does well. Without attempting to try and make the graphics realistic, the pixel style is a nice step up from the grid-based tile setup, and the lighting flickers to just show the outline of the enemies ahead. The sounds are minimalistic, and the eery silence will make you strain to listen out for any of the encounters that could be lurking in the shadows. Weapons sound the way you'd imagine, although they are a vast contrast to when you're not in combat. Gameplay in Teleglitch is challenging and unforgiving, layering pressure with every level as you struggle to manage materials, deal with the enemies, and escape from the current sector. Paradox recently released a new patch which added an arena mode which allows you to get into the action much quicker. With different loadouts, you can take on multitudes of enemies with items you probably didn't know existed. It however can get repetitive as the required objectives are fairly standard and tend to loop over and over. They are also limited by the fact that you can only unlock arenas after reaching a level from the main game. You might play this game once, and forget it for a while. But do come back to it. You might escape after all.