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Jet packs and alien rhinos.

CheezeGaming | Feb. 17, 2014 | Review of Natural Selection II - PC

Natural selection 2 may be one of the funnest game I've played last year with its expansive gameplay quality. At pre-game, you can decide which of the 2 races to play as from Aliens or Marines both having there advantages and disadvantages. With both races 1 player must take command, think of it as battlefield 4 commander mode, with 1 player taking command on each teams, they must assist each of their team members to build structures to push back the enemy back while reciving points to upgrade you're teams aresnal that include new armor upgardes, weapons and and JETPACKS!!!, the samething happens to the Alien team except your given an option to metamorph into a new species, each species having a set of unique ablitites, so if you ever wanted to fulfil your dream of being an alien rhino now you can. As for the gameplay, the controls feel smooth and very reactive like a twitch shooter suppose to feel and anyone new to twitch shooters it may take a while to get use to. Another thing you'll be trying to get use to if you're new to the game is the difficultly curve because it may be troublesome for you not knowing what to do during the middle of the game from experience it did not go well. The duration of the matches can be very lengthily taking up to 1 to 3 hours if both of the teams are equally matched but if you have not very experienced commanders it may take 30 minutes to win a match, this game can suck so many hours out of you're day, you'll be wondering where you're went. And don't forget to have fun and play with friends it makes the game more fun to play.


Worth it

CheezeGaming | Feb. 13, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Pack - PC

Deus Ex is the best example of decision making choices without the dialog options and the game fits to you on how you play! Go stealth mode or go guns blazing, and the storyline of these games is one of the most creative and unique story that you won't find anywhere. This is why people say and brag about it stands as one of the best PC games ever made, calling it number 1 is over complimenting it to much, but it's worth your money.