Reviews by Chibithor


Not for everyone

Chibithor | Jan. 8, 2012 | Review of Bulletstorm - PC

Bulletstorm manages to innovate in as bloated a genre as FPS, but not everyone will be able to see beyond it's crude humor and relatively brief campaign. The gameplay is, to put it simply, fun. The guns are all different, fun to use and effective, and the leash and kick mechanics work further to make it one of the most innovative titles of 2011. The whole game is over the top and ridiculous, but the humor requires a correct mindset to appreciate. It's intentionally ridiculous. On the surface, it looks like yet another Gears of War, but it's so much more, and the demo really doesn't do it justice. Multiplayer's limited to a simple horde mode, which I found decent and enjoyable, but the campaign is really the main attraction here, with echoes as a bonus for those who like score attacks. All in all, if you like the looks of it, chances are you'll enjoy it. Easily worth the ridiculously low price. (Note that something a lot of people seem to miss is the ability to turn off the profanities, not just replacing them with beeps either, but some lines were rerecorded. Keep that in mind if the trailers or footage turns you off for that reason.)


A deserving prequel

Chibithor | Aug. 28, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

The long awaited prequel to the highly regarded Deus Ex is here, and sure enough, Human Revolution takes what made the original great and brings it to the current generation, and it does it well. The gameplay feels good, and improves on the predecessor significantly, and the controls are fluid whether it is exploring the world or combat. The game favors a stealthy approach, but ultimately leaves you to play it as you wish. Choice is what Human Revolution is all about. With different augmentations and weapons to choose from, you can approach the missions in the game in any way you want. The excellent level design which all have multiple paths to different places, open environments and mission structure creates a very well maintained balance between a free-roaming and plot-driven game. Conversations use a conversation wheel which works well, and there is an interrogation mechanic which is interesting and very rewarding. Graphically it is not the most impressive game, but I felt that it kept the Deus Ex feel very well, and the design overcomes the technical flaws most of the time. Some animations, especially mouth animation during dialogue seem a little off, but it doesn't noticeably hinder the game. Overall the game is fantastic, and any flaws it has are minor and easily dismissed, as you get immersed again into the futuristic world of Deus Ex.


An excellent game...but

Chibithor | Aug. 20, 2011 | Review of From Dust - PC

From Dust is, at it's best, a magnificent game that provides an enjoyable experience, but it's hindered by many issues that should make you reconsider the platform you're buying it on. The goal of the game at it's core is to get the villagers to all the totems to create villages on, which open up a passage to the next level. Every level also has a bonus objective to spread vegetation around. Completing them unlocks many challenge levels with different objectives and scenarios. To accomplish the goals you move land, water and lava around and shape the landscape. The varying environments along with the various mechanics like periodical rain or volcano eruptions require you to use special abilities provided by the totems to handle things, like Jellify Water to carve a pathway through a river for the villagers. The story is minimalistic which fits well into the game, and the visuals are beautiful. The gameplay is fun and the game changes it up from level to level enough to keep it interesting, but the PC controls are done poorly. It doesn't feel intuitive and takes some getting used to, and it makes it obvious that the game's main platforms are the XBOX360 and PS3. The villagers' pathing AI can also prove to be frustrating, especially in some challenge levels where the time is limited. The game is for whatever reason locked at 30 FPS and has very lacking graphical settings, which is disappointing. The game ran fine on my rather old PC, but there's no reason the resolution should be the only setting available. A minor gripe I had with the game was that the cutscenes are not skippable and repeat every time you restart a level. I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea. They are short so it's a minor annoyance, but there's no reason why it should be there. The game also sports Ubisoft's Uplay DRM, and asks you to login every time you launch the game. This combined with the porting issues makes me wonder if Ubisoft care for the PC at all. Even being a terrible port, I still recommend this game, but you should be aware of the issues when it comes to the PC version.