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Mixed feelings, but mostly a good game

ChiefatWar | Feb. 25, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA POST - PC

The good: They've brought back the xcom series. A fresh look at the turn based combat genre, and I enjoyed it very much. IT definitely brought back memories of the old xcom games I installed via floppy disk lol. If you're a fan, consider this a must-have. The nostalgia alone is worth it plus the game itself is pretty enjoyable. The bad: Too short - the game was very, very short if you go straight through the research tree. If you stall, you can fight crashed ships endlessly, but that gets boring... leading me to my next point: Repetition. Seriously now, updating this series was a chance to lose the "play the same 4 maps no matter what country you're fighting in" thing. Don't get me wrong - i loved the old games, but bringing the series into a modern gamer's market - you HAVE to step it up a little. Also - no base defense, no kneeling, nearly every weapon "explodes into fragments" unless you stun the alien (which is ridiculously hard in the early part of the games, and salvaging weapons are completely unnecessary in the latter parts. The weapons tree is less useful than in the original games, and the list goes on and on with *small* things that could have, and should have been done better to expect this series to compete in the market (and all of these things would still let the game stay true to the spirit of the original ones) My biggest gripe: only 1 base/ 1 squad response. Come on - no more establishing bases around the planet for multiple ops, faster response, and more/better ways to up the variability of the game? No more multiple squads running multiple planes, to get multiple targets/ crash sites? There are also some bugs to be fixed, and i'm confident they will be (there was already 1 big update to address glitches) - small things like graphics errors, SHIV behavior after upgrades, and sound glitches.