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Need For Burnout Most Paradise.

Chizu | Nov. 19, 2012 | Review of Need for Speed Most Wanted - PC

What Critereon have done with this attempt at the Need For Speed license is create a kind of pseudo-sequel to Burnout Paradise. The takedowns are back, minus the takedown cams. The Billboards and jumps are back, and the shortcut gates are back. Also back is the large open-world city to race around. Whats difference here is the police presence, frequently chasing you down, even after events finish, until you can either lose them or are busted (for which there is no penalty besides losing the points you made in the pursuit). This time around there is no car unlocking progression, cars are all available from the start (minus the "boss" racers), so long as you can find them, as the 40-odd cars are scattered around the city waiting to be located. Now, I am not sure I agree with their decision to basically give each car 5 races, and thats it. You can only do those races, or the "Most Wanted" races, of which there are 10, with tha tspecific car. To do other events you have to change car, and repeat the process. Whilst the game remains fun, and its no real hardship, I still feel I would have prefered the ability to upgrade my car of choice and then use that one in a wider variety of events rather than those prescribed to it. Overall though, this game is alot of fun. Once again showing Critereon as masters of their craft. And whilst I do not think this betters their take on Hot Pursuit, I certainly think it deserves to sit along side it.