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Awesome games, awesome price

ChuckAndrew | June 16, 2014 | Review of BioShock Triple Pack - PC

So, I bought these 3 games for an awesome price in the summer sales. My review about these games will be: Bioshock 1: The graphics were not as expected, but this is an old game, so I think that if I've had played this game before, it would satisfied my expectations. The history was well builded and the ending was kind of predictable. Bioshock 2: Kind of the same as the past game, but is a good game as well. Bioshock Infinite: IT WAS JUST FREAKING AWESOME! Everything! the graphics, the controls, the history, and the ending? OMG! Mindblowing, I've never expected that. Ok, be cool guys, I'm not going to be an spoiler, but, definitely you got to play this game. Finally: I'm looking forward to complete all the challenges and achievements, because, this is a good saga as well. 3 great games for a good price.