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Chucklehead | Aug. 11, 2011 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

This game is an obvious console port with no real attempt at making it optimized as a PC game. The online play is *very* laggy due to it having a lobby system à la console multiplayer. The singleplayer/co-op portion of the game lasts a measly 4-5 hours, depending on difficulty, as well as having a very, very lazy ending (not satisfying in any way). Majority of your run will consist of hugging cover, peeking out and taking shots, then running to another piece of cover. The multiplayer on the other hand, has some refreshing ideas, but the execution is ugly and messy. Lag is a large issue, not to mention at launch, it did not even have a way that let's you mute someone who has their microphone constantly on with grating noises coming from it. I would not recommend getting this game for any more than $5, if at all, as the content just does not last long enough for paying any more than $5 to be justifiable. The only reason it gets a 25/100 rating is because some of their ideas were interesting but in the end the final package is just disappointing as they wasted the potential of said ideas.