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Batman Origins Review

ColdHaze | Nov. 12, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

Having played all of batman arkham origins predecessors I came into this game with high expectations. Like many others I was worried if WB Montreal would be able to treat this game how it deserves and do it justice. Things I enjoyed about the game 1.excellent story really action packed and truly feels like the other 2 games. 2.New crime scene simulator was pretty cool gave off the feeling you are actually a detective solving a real crime. 3. Boss Battles some really good boss battles to say the least. WB montreal took the safer route with origins and I felt they really respected the game they did their best to not ruin anything kept the city and the gadgets/combat system close to the same as arkham city. Only problems I found with the game were the bugs many of us encountered on all platforms, the side missions some were great and some were very lackluster felt like they were just added to keep you busy or to make up space, the combat felt slightly different with the rate enemies attack and way countering works. All that aside though I felt this game was really well done and I think it's an excellent addition to the Arkham series.