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Epic Family-friendly Metroidvania

ColonelJack | Dec. 24, 2013 | Review of Super Panda Adventures - PC

Why this isn't a more well-known title I do not know. My family went crazy over this game, one family member, after completing this game, fiddled around in vain trying to get a flash version of the old NES Super Mario clone to work. It really beckons that much to the golden days, and in an age when platformers all seem to be pushing the limit trying to be original via creepy, gross, or just plain stupid gimmicks, this one is unashamedly retro and simple while at the same time delivering a story good enough to keep you going. If you want to introduce younger gamers to the awesomeness that is the Metroidvania genre, then look no further, but it is also perfectly acceptable for adults to play alone. The game will leave you wanting more, even though it is technically quite long enough and big enough of a game world to be called a metroidvania. I really hope the developer expands this with a sequel or a DLC, it's very hard to find family friendly games for certain genres.


FYI about contents of collection

ColonelJack | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of King Arthur Collection - PC

For anyone wondering this. This is the first gmg sale I've been disappointed in, I do not fault gmg, they got stuck with these keys, but at $4 on sale I feel I got ripped off, because I would've happily waited for the "real" King Arthur Collection steam sells for $7.50 during a winter or summer sale. This particular collection does work, but it is handled by steam in a weird way, your game in the library is NAMED "King Arthur: Collection" there's no DLC tab for it, so if you're curious you have to dig around in your game directory to figure out which DLCs it has. This is King Arthur 1 only. IMHO these resellers really should either get refunded for products like this, or offered a cheap bump-up conversion to the modern-and-up-to-date King Arthur Collection(as seen on STEAM Store) I don't even blame gmg for not listing the contents of said collection, because at the time the description was written and it was added to the store, this is all there was. IMHO STEAM/Valve really dropped the ball on how this collection was handled, and lesson learned about buying older collections. The game itself is awesome and refreshing in an otherwise morally ambiguous and relativistic age. 80/100 Why? Because Arthurian.