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Cant pass up a good sandbox game...

CommandDork | Aug. 19, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Make no mistake - JC2 is a fun romp. A reviewer below likened it to an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that's pretty spot on - think the final 30mins of Commando. Never played JC1 so cannot compare the two but I cant help but see the similarities to EA's The Saboteur - complete with the building climbing (this time done by grappling hook). Lots of things to do once you stray away from the basic story line - fell free to take mopeds, dirt bikes, taxis, fire engines, APCs, helicopters, Harriers, fighter jets, corporate jets, jeeps, fast attack vehicles, 4-wheelers, torpedo boats, speed boats, commercial fishing boats - the possibilities are really pretty endless. The environments are pretty varied - day changes to night, rain comes into the area, traverse from deserts to mountaintops to jungles at your leisure. There are even oil rigs you can take a helicopter or boat out to and wreak havoc there, crippling the islands resources. Pull enemies out of guard towers, from speed boats or passing motorcycles with your hook. Glide in for the perfect landing with your parachute. Upgrade weapons as you locate money and parts stashes, find the dozens of island collectibles - this game might just very well have something for everyone - and it really is only as repetitive as you make it. Other that than that, it's great carnal fun.