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My Go To Turn Based Game

ComputersWelcom | Jan. 1, 2014 | Review of Civilisation V GOLD - PC

Besides Advance Wars, Civilization is the only turned based game I play. I do own the Gold Edition, however I think I would have been fine with just the standard edition as I have NEVER played any of the DLCs. I simply play the standard game and find that satiating. As someone coming from Civilization IV (4) the game took a bit longer than expected to get use to. But everything is fine, and I really appreciate the modern updated feel to the game. I have used the feature to save to the Steam Cloud many times while transferring computers. The gameplay is fine and standard. It is easy to win against computers even on difficult settings. The research tree is really well though out. The game lends itself to whatever play style you prefer. If you want to just take over the world with military or out research everyone. It is all there. The AI is very good at interacting with you. In all, it is a good game. You will play for large chunks of time and stop for a long time and get back a few days later. Or at least that is how I have been playing. Good game. If on sale, I would say buy the original to try out before investing in all the DLC.


Wish I Would Have Played Sooner

ComputersWelcom | Jan. 1, 2014 | Review of Fallout 3 - PC

This was my first experience with the Fallout series. From my experience so far it is very interesting. I have played the Metro series (Last Light + 2033) and really enjoy the survival horror genre. Fallout is a very interesting game with the time frame it is set in. I find myself lost in the radio broadcasts and try to absorb any diagonal from out dear President of the Enclave. If you have not played it yet, I really do recommend this game. It offers more choices than any game that I have played. I myself had to restart the game because without giving too much away. I just went ham and killed everyone. I learned that your actions really do matter. To sum up, this game is really nice. The graphics are great (for it's time) and I actually use the xbox controller with the game and everything runs smooth.