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Great little game

Confuddled | Nov. 12, 2013 | Review of Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC DVD

If you’re a big fan of Lord of the Rings will you Enjoy Then; short answer YES I think this game is awesome, hack and slash type game I played though the single player solo and have to say good story line and great game play, but it’s more enjoyable when you fire up COOP Mode with a friend and kill orcs together Sadly the only thing lacking is once you complete normal mode and go to the harder modes the AI can lack quite a bit in solo and you spend most times keeping them alive then you do kicking orcs butt so that’s why coop mode is a lot better You can also do wave mode well challenge modes to see what wave you can get up to which is also fun with Coop players Sadly the game I thought was a bit short and once you’ve completed it you can keep replying it for better loot and maybe do the challenge modes but sadly that’s it Just to note you have to change your steam client settings to turn off your microphone if you don’t use it in the game otherwise it stays on and the other players will just hear the echo of your game on the speaking which can get a little annoying if random people join your lobby and refuse to turn off the mic or change the setting It’s a great game and worth it just for the single player and coop modes but as I say once you’ve completed it on normal and replay on the other 2 harder modes then well nothing else to do then replay for loot and wave modes


Good Game

Confuddled | Oct. 28, 2013 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

Been a fan of the Fear Games since the first one and have to say this one scared me a lot as i played it in the dark lol the coop is lots of fun but you do get some players who have really bad connection so you can get a lag but its a fun game to play with friends and on single player have enjoyed it so far


Bashing Zombies

Confuddled | Oct. 25, 2013 | Review of Dead Island - PC DVD

Brought this game when it first came out, have to say enjoyed from start to finish but found it a lot better with coop players Can get a little boring playing solo but you can have so much fun just running around the open map and kicking and smashing zombies to bits Worth a play though if you can pick it up cheap in the sale, You can pick up lots of different weapons and upgrade them