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Not Really a Need for Speed Series

CounterAgent | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Need for Speed Most Wanted NA Origin - PC

Much like the other reviews, I got this game hoping to revisit the earlier glory of this franchise. But rather than staying true to the Need for Speed name, it does feel much more like a Burnout sequel. (as some other reviews have pointed out) No more racing against the clock trying to earn cash to upgrade your ride, instead just cruise around until you find the car just sitting there and presto you can drive it. That is, unless it belongs to one of many of EA's notorious DLC packages. While this sounds innovative and like it might be fun cruising around trying to find your ride, there is no sense of earning a vehicle and making it your own. The game lacks the style of its predecessor namesake and the customization is completely gone, basically everything that you came to love about the series is either changed or gone entirely. With that said, the game itself isn't a horrid game. It lets you cut loose and cruise through a pretty impressive city or across the back country trying to stay one step in front of the police. But it isn't the same caliber that should from this series and it doesn't have a high replay value. Keep that in mind and pick it up cheap.