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Builds on the original well

Crazee | March 22, 2013 | Review of Sonic and SEGA AllStars Racing Transformed - PC

Traditionally Kart racers have always struggled when pitted against the might Mario Kart series. SEGA have built upon the first game well and are putting up a great challenge to the crown. SEGA understand that a successful kart racer needs a mix of good tracks, great items, and fun characters. Most of the tracks in the game are brilliantly designed. A lot of them take into account the ability to transform between the three available states; kart, boat, and plane. This enables the tracks to evolve with each lap, offering racers something new to look out for. The items are all pretty instinctive, and there aren't too many of them. Every item has it's own use, and none feel like a waste or a duplicate. SEGA has drawn upon it's impressive back catalogue giving players a great variety of characters to drive around as. There's also a few cameos in there (like Team Fortress 2). The racing in the game feels fluid and responsive. The graphics are acceptable. The music is great, with some remixes of classic SEGA tracks included. The ability to transform is done well. It could've been something that was thrown in just as a gimmick, but SEGA have really incorporated it into the game, and it's obvious it was designed around this. By far the best addition from the previous game is online multiplayer. The multiplayer system works brilliantly, and that's what will keep me playing this for a long time. As always with racers, bring a gamepad! Bottom line: A great kart racer, that's even better with friends.


A great story, with okay gameplay.

Crazee | March 22, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

For the first quarter (maybe third) of the game, I found the story to be mostly boring and predicable. I felt like the game was going to be very short, for the first half of the game I was constantly thinking, "well this'll be the last chapter". The destination was always clear, the journey was a lot more entertaining than initially expected. Once I was hooked on the story I wanted to play to find out the conclusion. My total gameplay according the save file (I believe this does not include time in which I paused to chat, and does not count checkpoint restarts due to death) is 3 hours 44 minutes and 8 seconds. The game looks fantastic. I've never been to Dubai myself, but have seen plenty of photos and videos and the game makes me feel like I'm there. The controls are a real downfall. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have sprint and cover be the same button should be punched by every person who has played this game. Also, sometimes you'd move along a piece of cover, and randomly stand up The game has a story to tell and isn't ashamed of being linear. I actually enjoy a linear game in an age where eveything's trying to be open-world. Kudos to the devs for doing this. The bottom line: An enjoyable experience, with a refreshingly good story. Slight control irks let it down.


An average shooter, with a short single player campaign.

Crazee | Feb. 22, 2013 | Review of Homefront - Xbox 360

Homefront is a pretty generic shooter, set in the near future. If you've played CoD, MW, BF, etc. you wont be finding anything new here. I only played the single player campaign, which was quite short. I'd say it's about 4 hours of gameplay, split across 7 chapters. This means it can be easily completed in a few short bursts, or one day for the hardcore amongst us. The combat is what you'd expect from a modern shooter. The movement feels a little sluggish at times, and on more than one occasion I found myself stuck on nothing. The weapon diversity is lacking, there's probably less than 15 weapons in the game. I would've liked to have seen more pistol action also. The graphics are average, although I was impressed in the final chapter where they seemed to step up a notch. The story was bland and predictable and I didn't care about the characters at all. Overall, the game is nothing special but was fun enough for the time I spent playing it. We could all use some mindless fun sometimes. Bottom Line: Average game, short single player campaign.


A great strategy RPG.

Crazee | Feb. 21, 2013 | Review of Kings Bounty The Legend (1) - PC

This game has elements of RTS in the main map and travel. Allowing you to avoid potential battles and get to treasures when needed. It has a large amount of turn-based strategy, as this is how combat works. You can select up to five groups of units, from strong warriors to machines, ferocious creatures, the undead and many more. There is a lot of unit diversity, with each bringing their own skill-sets. The amount of creatures you can have in each unit is determined by your leadership, which is upgradeable as the game goes on, allowing you to build a huge army! Combat takes place on a hex grid, which sometimes can have obstructions or treasures to keep things interesting. Each unit has it's own initiative, and the ability to delay its turn until everyone else has taken theirs. You have the ability to cast spells, which use up mana. You also have some extra abilities from your 'Chest of Rage', which grow in power as the game develops. These abilities us Rage as a resource, which is built up by participating in combat. The player can level up, and has a skill tree which can be used by consuming runes. There are three different types of runes, one focusing on building a strong and vast army, one centred around intensifying your magical ability, and the other being a hybrid of the two. The total gametime can be anything up to 70 hours. There is a massive world to explore. Unfortunately it can get slightly repetitive as the game goes on, but it does have an addictive, "just one more battle" quality to it. Bottom Line: A solid Strategy RPG, that has the potential to entertain for a very long time.


Man of the match!

Crazee | Feb. 20, 2013 | Review of FIFA 13 - PC

Fifa 13 has taken everything that was good about Fifa 12 and improved it. The players are looking more realistic than ever, and the stadiums look beautiful. It actually feels as if I'm playing on real grass, rather than a plastic green surface. The new first touch control feature is a welcome addition and works brilliantly. It really helps to feel in control of the players. Career Mode has been greatly improved. The regen system is vastly improved, although a little overpowered! The best addition to career mode is the ability to offer a player in part-exchange when dealing with transfers. This helps offload some fringe players when bringing in the talent. The ability to modify the cut of incoming transfer fees you receive helps keep inflation down and prevents your budget becoming unrealistic. Unfortunately when performing well with one of the worlds best clubs after 3-5 seasons you'll likely find yourself with the best players in the world and money to spare. Sadly there is no offline virtual pro this year, a player career mode is available, but no player manager. This is a let down in an otherwise brilliant addition to the franchise. Bottom Line: The best football game there has ever been. Bring on Fifa 14!


An average action game, with horrible writing.

Crazee | Feb. 20, 2013 | Review of Blades of Time Limited Edition - PC

This game looks pretty. Whilst playing I spent most of my time admiring the surroundings and artwork. Unfortunately that's where most of my enjoyment stopped. The writing is awful. The English voice acting was so bad that I switched to Japanese and just read the captions (which were not great). The game is takes too long to give you new skills, especially the ability to play with time which should've been introduced far earlier. The combat is ok, it's fairly smooth but offers nothing special. I feel the game would've been better without the ranged combat option. As with most action games, I found it more comfortable to use a gamepad. Overall it's okay if you just want something you can load up and get some puzzles and combat done, but there are much better options available. The DLC that comes with the Limited Edition pack is not worth it in my opinion. I'd skip it and just get the base game when it's on sale for really cheap. Bottom Line: An avarage action game, that offers nothing special.


A fun squad based ARPG with a lot to offer.

Crazee | Feb. 20, 2013 | Review of Krater - PC

Krater is one of my favourite games at the moment. It's a squad based isometric ARPG set in an apocalyptic Sweden. The graphics are pleasing and the dungeons are about the right size, encouraging exploration without them being too large. You can change up the members of your squad, and this being the Collectors Edition it comes with the super-awesome Dr. Cerebro. Dr. Cerebro is a mutant healer, who is far superior to the base healers in the game, and therefore a great asset on your adventures! The combat is great, the skills are fun to use. The game's simple to get into, and playable in short bursts or hours at a time depending on how you feel. The crafting is simple and the items variance is enough to make it fun without being overwhelming. So far the co-op capabilities of the game are just missions, hopefully in a future update the whole campaign will be available. If you enjoy ARPGs, and want something a little different then try this out. Bottom Line: My sleeper hit of the year.


A great tennis game - bring a gamepad!

Crazee | Feb. 20, 2013 | Review of Virtua Tennis 4 (1) - PC

Virtua Tennis 4 is the best tennis game currently available for PC. Unfortunately this isn't much of a claim since there are not many options. Fortunately there doesn't need to be other options because this game is great. The game boasts a great roster of today's stars who are represented well in game. The gameplay is slick and fun. It has full gamepad support, which is necessary - this can't be played without one, I bow down to anyone who can play this with kb/m. Bottom Line: The best option on PC for tennis fans. A fun game, with a strong roster!


A pleasant surprise!

Crazee | Feb. 20, 2013 | Review of Sonic SEGA AllStars Racing STEAM (1) - PC

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing looks like any other kart game. I am pleased to say that it stands ahead of the crowd full of desperate copies wanting the be the new Mario Kart. The tracks have great diversity, the items are fun, and the vehicles handle really well. As with most racing games I strongly suggest a gamepad. Playing this has encouraged me to seek out the sequel. Bottom line: Best played with a gamepad. A good, fun kart racer!


A good action game, that truly shines with co-op

Crazee | Jan. 29, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

This game throws you into the Lord of the Rings story three days before Frodo arrives at the The Prancing Pony. You are a member in a party of three, able to choose between the Dwarf Farin, the Human a Ranger by the name of Eradan, and an Elven Mage Andriel. This party will travel across the north of Middle Earth, performing deeds which will indirectly help the ring-bearers quest. The action in the game is fluid, the controls take very little time to get used to. As with most console ports, I found myself most comfortable with a gamepad. the game acknowledged my 360 pad with no problems, and responded by showing the gamepad buttons in game, rather than the keyboard or mouse shortcuts. During fighting, one will have the opportunity to preform special finishing blows. If these blows are preformed at the right time, the game will reward the player with a satisfying "kill-shot". Beheading orcs never gets old! When playing single player, the two other party members are controlled by AI. They are quite competent at killing monsters and using suitable abilities. They can position themselves in rather irritable places at times, and have no problem with blocking off an intended escape route! Multiplayer is where the game really shines. Whilst the AI is competent enough, it can never match up to a trio of players working in cohesion. I can't think of many action games that have multiplayer this good. Bottom line: Best played co-op, with a gamepad. Great story, good action!