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Best super-hero game you could possibly make

Crazy4ever | June 1, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

Arkham city has everything. Great story, good gameplay, graphics, lots of side missions, and you really feel you are batman. The main story is relativly long, longer than most games, and there are lots of side missions you can play. The game of the year edition gives you lots of extra stuff you really apreciate if you like the game. The graphics look good all from medium settings, and if you have a decent pc you can play this game on quite high graphics. The gameplay is very satisfiing, there is a detective mode, fighting mode and stealth. They are all really enjoyable. You should buy this game!


Ravaged does not have what a decent shooter should have

Crazy4ever | May 28, 2013 | Review of Ravaged - PC

Raveged does not have all the things a decent shooter needs to become a good game. The graphics are fine, and the idea is a good idea. Still, all games have an idea, they just have to be excecuted correctly. Ravaged has not been executed in a satisfying way as the gameplay gets boring after a short while. The controls also feel unpolished and simple, quite similar to the kind of controls you find in a free2play game. Still, as mentioned, the idea is good so its fun for a while, it just feels so unpolished that it won't keep you entertained for long. Anyhow, on offer Ravaged could be a decent buy if you think the consept seems interesting.


The Real Hitman Experience

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Hitman Blood Money Steam - PC

Blood money is a really good game. In my opinion it is the best hitman game in the series. It still used the "original" hitman play-style where you saw him from above and there where many ways you could solve the big maps. Also, the graphics are very good and the gameplay is the best of all the hitman games. The killing animations are also horribly satisfiing. This is a very good game!


RA3- One of the Best Strategy-games there is

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Command Conquer Red Alert 3 - PC

Command and Conquer: Red alert 3 is the best strategy-game I have played. It has stunning graphics and 3 STORIES. These stories have exciting missions and good maps. Also, you can make offline or online-matches yourself and these are really exciting. It runs well on most PCs, and has a great variety of options. What I really love about RA3 is how skills count so much. You can be the same faction and have the same amount of money, but the player who uses the most advanced tactics and who thinks farthest ahead, will in most situations win the match. This makes RA3 a real strategy-game as this genre has excisted in many forms for thousands of years, and RA3 is just the same, and rewards the most excperienced player. Still, if you are new and cant keep up with the online community, you can play all the campaigns in co-op which is relly enjoyable. If you like strategy-games RA3 might give you countless hours of playing-time.


Best Battlefield-title after BF2

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Battlefield Bad Company 2 - PC

Bad Company 2 is in my oppinion the best Battlefield game after BF2. The story is nothing special, but battlefield is not about story. It is about huge maps, lots of vehicles, weapons and tactics in MULTIPLAYER. All these things, you will find in BFBC2, and you will be satisfied with them. The only thing I miss of vehicles in BFBC2 are jet-plains. The maps are great and varied, and the weapons feel really realistic. The graphics are also great, and even though they are not as good as BF3s graphics I think BFBC2 is all in all a better game and as mentioned, one of the best Battlefield-games . Today, it is maybe even a bit more entertaining than BF2 as the graphics and all the mechanics are very up to date and modern.


Exciting Story- Boring gameplay and short game

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed Revelations The Lost Archive DLC - PC

The lost archive is a DLC that promises exctiting back-story on subject 16s life, but which dissapoints in many ways. The story it tells is quite exciting, specially for an AC-fan. Still, the way it tells the story is very boring. It uses the worst part of Assassins Creed: Revelations gameplay, and nothing else. It feels like a wierd Portal-mod or something on that line. Futhermore, the DLC is very short too, so as it dissapoints in gameplay it also is really short, but tells an exciting story.


Unique driving-game

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Driver San Francisco - PC

Very unique game. It has fairly good graphics, though not as good as some driving-games. The story is what makes this game special, because it has a story at all, and it is quite exciting, but nothing special as a story in itself. I loved the free-roaming mechanics, and there is a lot of fun and many hours of playing-time using this kind of gameplay. It is nearly like a racing-game GTA. I think there could have been more cars, though. Still, the setting and atmosphere is good, and the music for the cars keeps you listening. Runs fairly well on pc, but it requires more than it should. If you meet the reccomended requirements you still risk getting some lag, and the graphics are not at a high enough level that this can be accepted. Still, its a good game.


Best COD-game there is- Also one of the best FPSs there are

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - PC

Modern Warfare 2 is a brilliant game, and one of the best FPSs there are. It has the same great mechanics as COD 4, but it has made everything even better. The graphics are very good, and when the call of duty engine was fairly new these graphics were REALLY good, but they still work. The story is really exciting and I loved the connections with the old charachters and also seeing new ones, and playing as different people. The shooting mechanics are really good, and the "super auto-aim" is actually cool and a part of the COD-supersoldier excperience. The multiplayer is brilliant and I loved the level system with all the upgrades. Also, there are lots of coop special-ops missions which you can play with friends that are really good. In present day we know that COD has become quite repetetive, but when this game was out it was amazing!


Love for the newer ACs makes one blind to this game

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

AC1 is a good idea and marked the beginning of a great series. The game itself is better than most games, but nothing extraordinary. The story is quite boring and even though you can feel excited when fighting lots of soldiers and attempting to assasinate an english king, you often dont remember why you are doing it, as the story is mainly quite boring, except these parts and the last few missions of the game. The fighting and free-running mechanics are good. They are not as advanced as they are in later titles, but the fighting mechanics is very satisfiing compared to all the other titles (with exceptions of AC II and AC III) as it is quite challenging compared to as an example AC Revelations which is to easy. The game is a good one, but you should just buy it if you are or have newly become an AC-fan and want to know the whole story, it is not a good first AC game to buy, I must admit.


Good addon to the game, but nothing special

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs SWAT DLC - PC

Sleeping Dogs in itself is a really good game. The swat DLC is an addon to this game. Its fairly exciting. The style of the swat suit you get is really cool, but unfortunatly you only get to use a gun. You often feel cool just using a pistol, but sometimes you wish you could just be a real overpowered swat-cop and pawn some bad guys. Still, its a great addon to the already great game as it ads quite a few new side-missions to your map. They are good fun because you can get into a cool firefight without having to shoot lots of random people. Also, its great fun teaming up with other cops. Its a good dlc, but I think it should be free, though. Still, the low price makes up for this, so if you are a fan of Sleeping Dogs, you should buy it, if not its still a good dlc, but you should be aware of that it is nothing very extraordinary.


The best GTA-game

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

What makes GTA IV stand out compared to the other GTA-titles is its story, and of course the graphics and updated gameplay. Still, these last two things are factors which do appear with technology, but GTA IV has kept its old open-world crazy shooting doanythingyoulike-style gameplay and made it even better. At the same time Rockstar have addded a great story for those who like that, and together + coop and multiplayer (which is great fun too) they have made the best game in the series!


One of the best games of all time

Crazy4ever | May 27, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year (1) - PC

Batman arkham city has everything a good game should have. The graphics are stunning and all the characters look really good. Faces and facial expressions are brilliantly made. The characters are memorable and you really get to know them and remember them. It has a very satisfiing gameplay; the fighting mechanics are great and are in a way what the Assassins Creed fighting could have been and has tried to be. Also, it has a good balance between action and the occasional detective-mode, which at first is quite difficult, but you really feel as if you develop and understand how to solv puzzles throughout the game, and after the second half you ARE batman! The story is longer than most game-stories, and is one of the best stories I have played. Its one of those stories you remember for a long time after, and that really effects you, especially when you are getting closer to the end, and especially the last few sequences of the game keep you glued to the screen, and when its all over it will be one of your favourite games. Also it has many extra-missions you can play, and quite a few smaller stories so you can keep playing and exploring Arkham City. I think it is worth paying the extra for the full game of the year edition, so you know you haven't missed out on anything in this great game.


Brilliant game

Crazy4ever | May 24, 2013 | Review of LA Noire (1) - PC

LA Noire is a brilliant. The cases are set up in a unique way. The graphics are very good but I have a feeling that it is a bit bad optimized for pc. Still, if you have a generally good computer, it will run fine. The most stunning part of the graphics are the facial expressions and how humans are animated. The gameplay is exciting and it is a mix of action and detective-work. Mostly detective-work but I feel that that was more exciting than the action scenes. Still, if you want action, there is quite a lot of it + all the sidemissions are action, while the most of the main missons are about finding clues and interogation. Steering cars is quite bad and reminds me of The Godfather: The videogame. Also, finding clues is the most boring part of investigation, as it is easy to get stuck. LA Noire is not a game you will complete in a few days, both because it is long, but also because it can get a bit boring if you play more than about 15 hours within a week. Anyhow, each crime mission is fairly long and has its own exciting story, which means you can play it in portions. LA Noire is a very good game, with few problems. It is uniqe and definetly a game worth buying, both for its uniqe style and as it is a very good game at all.


If you like Mafia films, movies and games- Buy Mafia II

Crazy4ever | May 21, 2013 | Review of Mafia II - PC

Mafia II is a game about Vito Scaletta, an italian immigrant from Sicily. The story is great and really gets you in the Mafia-mood. I missed never reaching the top of the family and not being a boss, but still it was a brilliant story. The shooting mechanics are really good, and the fighting is great. Still, I miss objects like knifes and bats like Mafia 1 had. There is a bit to much driving between places, but the cars are amazingly cool, and the music is great. Dean Martin and the everly brothers gives you the real 40s feel. The charachters are sooo cool, and you get really connected to them. The story is touching at many points, and along with Mafia 1, Mafia 2 has one of the best storylines I have ever played! If you like Mafia, this game is a 95, if you arent very interested its an 85. Worth the price, but if this game is currently on offer and you are considering it and have never played it before YOU MUST BUY IT.


Something cool about it- But easy to get fed up with

Crazy4ever | May 21, 2013 | Review of Lead and Gold - PC

Lead and gold is obviously a western game. It is something a bit entertaining about it, maybe it is the western setting. There are so few western games that this maybe could be what I like about it. Except for this the controls are quite bad, there is very little variation in the gameplay, and few servers. The maps look quite good, but I have a constant TF2 spinoff-feeling all the time. A coop map is included, and this is the only thing in the game which is actually fun and not a "ok" or "quite good" . It is a survival-wave type of gameplay and is enjoyable. Lead and gold is generally quite bad, but I like the western setting. If you dont like western, stay far off this game. Nevertheless, if you like survival coop and western games this game could be a decent buy IF IT IS ON OFFER.


If it is currently on offer- buy it!

Crazy4ever | May 21, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

The lord of the rings: war in the north is actually quite a good game in some ways. The story is interesting enough, and the gameplay is solid. The charachters are quite predictable, and they dont look very good either (except for the dwarf :D). Luckily, you can change the charachters appearence in the first level in the bar, and later in the game. The fighting mechanics is good enoguh. It is a standard slashing yourself around type of fighting, but the finishing animations never get old and makes the slash-fighting seem a bit better. Still, I think this would have been a very good game if it had a dodging AC-like addition to the fighting. What is most fun is the co-op because it is a game you could get bored of sitting alone, but with a friend its good. Soo... Ok story (could be a lot better), boring charachters but you can change their appearance as you wish, and its good fun with friends. It misses what makes a good game good and has some problems like the revive system which can get very irritating, specially when playing singleplayer with your stupid bot-teammates. All in all, a decent game, if it is currently on offer and you like these kind of games, buy it! Moreover, if its still 19,99 its not worth it.


The best in the series- THE Assassins Creed-game

Crazy4ever | May 20, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

It seems like ever time assassins creed ads a number to their titles, and not a long name, it turns out to be one of the best titles. AC1 was quite good and AC3 was very good. AC2 is my facourite. The controls are not to easy (brotherhood, revelations), but they are not as undeveloped as the controls of AC1. The story is brilliant! The first few hours when you play as Ezio as a young man are unforgettable and his italian charm and the charachters are alike unforgettable. The story is exciting throughout the whole game, and the great intro to the game made Ezio my favourite Assassin. That there is no multiplayer does not make a difference as AC multiplayer is not that good. Buy this game!