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Another Classic, bring a controller

CreationsAU | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

Lately it feels like we are getting strong indie type games with amazing stories, offering clever game mechanics and great feel off small budgets. "Brothers" is a story of 2 sons looking to cure their dad of a fatal injury, its a simple base ling that ends with a massive emotionally strong story and that is all about the ride aswell as the final destination A game controller is REQUIRED to play the game (for some reason this isn't stated on GMG website,it is clearly listed on the steam store page however), you just the thumb sticks to control the 2 brothers at the same time! Initially its a bit weird but you learn it quickly and you are off, you use both brothers to solve puzzles as you progress through the story!


Something Different

CreationsAU | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

Having played WoW for many years and eventually kicking the regular log in I was looking for something new to fill the void. I had followed GW2 during its development and then picked it up on release. The game is great and offers different settings for your typical mmo, there is still a grind to it, however you can level off so many different things and really doesn't take that long at all. It is more enjoyable with friends however, while the game scales for solo play you most fun to be had is group and world events along with the guild challenges and puzzles. Enjoy the ride, getting to max level of 80 doesn't really open a huge amount of gameplay, you can access everything as you level, and if you don't meet the required levels it will auto scale you up or down to fit the content. If your bored of WoW or other samey mmo's give GW2 a try it really is a blast.