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Decent game, needs a bit better game mechanics.

Creatix | Aug. 18, 2012 | Review of Tomb Raider Anniversary - PC

Tomb Raider Anniversary is one of those games where after playing for several hours, you get stuck on some puzzle, you try everything you can, and then it clicks, you figure it out.This is the basic principle of puzzles in TR:A, i wish i could say more positive things to the other parts of gameplay, but i can't, Lara feels like a moose on platforming sections and can become awkward due to the camera not helping, controls are troubling too, when Lara completely misses the general direction of the jump you ordered. Combat is even worse, all it really is a button mashing sequence, where you have to mash the shoot button to kill even a single wolf. As the name implies, this is a reboot of the first game, with TR: Legends control scheme mixed in. If you liked the past TR games, you should give this one a try, if not don't bother.


Interesting premise, confusing gameplay.

Creatix | Aug. 18, 2012 | Review of Defcon Everybody Dies - PC

Starting playing this I liked the visuals and premise, a strategy game only about destroying each other.Interesting concept, but after a few matches i've seen how the game is just a snowball fight with little to no strategy involved, it's that or the game has a incredible steep learning curve. With every game start, you are forced to quickly think of where to put your supplies like radars, silos, air bases and sea units, with every DEFCON level, you gain access to more of your equipment, until the counter reaches 1.Nukes racing each other in mid air, destroying the town they landed on. Game does a good job portraying the horrors of war and how people ruling the countries only see the map, with background sounds and info on the screen on how many people died. As somebody else pointed out, this game really feels like a new "chees" and i really am glad Introversion made this game.


Good attempt, but not worth the full price.

Creatix | Aug. 18, 2012 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior - PC

Sniper:Ghost Warrior is a game that tried something new, something unique to the standart modern military first-person shooter.Sniper GW tries to be a realistic sniping game, and i can't say that it failed or succeded. Game visually looks nice, for a budget title, environments and models look very nice and the game is running decently enough while still retaining its good visuals. The game is running on Techland's Chrome Engine 4, and it shows, guns have the same issue other Chrome Engine games had with iron sights, where aiming seems sluggish and inaccurate, thankfully this doesn't appear to be the issue with sniper rifles.Ballistics are handled nicely and are fun when you succeed in doing that perfect headshot 500m away. At the beginning the game has a nice concept and is a blast to play, but then you get to your first real sneaking mission, and you'll find the worst problem with this game, the AI, the AI in this game is if you took the brain of a mosquito, bashed it several times, and then put it in a human.That is the equivalent of AI in this game.There have been times where the AI would not see me even though i was on a dirt road 5m away from me and see me 20m away while i was sneaking in a bush. Story doesn't exist in this game, from what i remember it was about some dictator ruling a south american country.But it's not nececary to know the plot to enjoy the game. Verdict: Game is very enjoyable, but needs serious fixes, most of which is the AI. Would not buy at full price 65/100


Satisfying, but its flaws are showing

Creatix | May 13, 2012 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior - PC

When i started playing this game, i felt the need to silently headshot everybody and everything i could.The gave offered me this and even encouraged it while i crawled in high grass areas waiting for guards to leave, but somehow they never did, what they did however, was see me 200m away while i was camouflaged.The stealth system is broken in this game, and you have better luck running though the level than trying to sneak past the some levels the game turns into Call of Duty and makes you go iron-sighting special ops soldier(which i didn't mind) they made the sniper sections gameplay more enjoyable.Multiplayer, while enjoyable is just luck whether you can spot the enemy sniper faster than he can.


Some great ideas, but lacking in execution.

Creatix | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Just Cause - PC

When you buy a game, what do you expect from it?Do you expect it to keep up with the innovation or you just wan't some mindless fun other games in the genre haven't yet grasped.If you picked the latter, you will be pleased to see that this game gives you a lot of freedom and fun to play around with, but it restricts you on some occasions, for example, There isn't really a single player campaign, mostly its just side-quests to take over islands, this would have been fine if there was some variation to them, usually its just:Go here and blow shit up. On the other hand, ranking system and bases are great and the weapons function wonderfully(Although, the grappling hook leaves a lot to be desired, especially how they make it out as a high-tech military weapon).Map is huge, giving you the ability to ride on the roads for hours and occasional gang/military battle without your intervention gives you some immersion. Although i still have to complain that there isn't much to do, last thing i did was get a helicopter and fly the highest i could, drop down and do aerobatic tricks out of pure boredom and that the game adds too much blur and lighting effects it was starting to hurt my eyes, and the physics aren't up to much. It's not horrible, but it could do some more polish and some better design decisions. Buy when <8$