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Higher strategy game ever done

CriSilCart | Nov. 16, 2014 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

The game is very entertaining and sticky, it has a unique theme, and the gameplay behaves as the perfect solution to this because it provides you the control of the team as the greatest leader. The control that you have makes you feel as the responsible of every act, when you manage it, that's why is so surround. On the other hand when you try to order to open fire, it feels frustrating when they miss, that mistake carries a lot of consequences, I think this make the game very strategic in a higher level than the earlier games. About the difficulties levels, it seems very equitative, but you are going to feel the change when you switch from one to the other, at higher difficulties the game turns imposible to play.


The both sides of The Ball

CriSilCart | March 5, 2014 | Review of The Ball - PC

The story course is envelope, besides is innovator with the physics control and the environment interaction moreover than present a different story that can transport the gamer to that epoch. Is very challenging in the puzzle way and is entertaining that tie you to the character, and to the history. On the other hand the player sometimes lose the course of history because the game is not design in an intuitive form, and the IA of the opponents is not the best because it's common to see their fails and errors across the game, and was needed more history develop to make it popular and, maybe, to prolong the game to another prequel because is a very attractive idea


The Enlightenment Creed

CriSilCart | March 2, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

From one of the most important franchise of Ubisoft apart from others more. Assassin's Creed II is, by far, the best game of all the series, till now. The history is quite amazing and the graphic environment inspired in the renaissance make it the most impressive of all. The different an unique ambience of each city had improved from its predecessor and also the gameplay. The capabilities and the limits of the main character have been extended that lead to a huge freedom of the gamer. The main character is quite good and the history continues with all the mystery and secret of the first issue. The cons, because there are always cons, are that the strategy, the calm and the secret of the previous part gradually lost importance and the game is becoming least interesting over the series. Despite this, it is quite good and play it over and over again really worth it, you will never get bored.


An Impressive Game

CriSilCart | March 1, 2014 | Review of Portal - PC

Portal has left my mouth open, amazed by the originality, creativity and innovation of this Valve´s project, the gameplay is moderate and invites the gamers to manage their actions cleverly and, somehow, to develop their mental skills with that powerful tool of physics. Is a clever game and is inspired by the Newton's first law, inertia. Is a very strange game, with a rare but and enveloping history, and also, a great achievement for Valve as a good game for the gamer's collection.